Xstream 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with Alkaliser - Product Spotlight [VIDEO]

In this article, we will give you an excellent snapshot of the Xstream 7 Reverse Osmosis system.

The quality of the water coming out of this system is fantastic.

If you’re in the market for an RO, I like this one here for Bore Water.

That is, that bore water usually carries a lot more sediment and requires deeper treatment.

Xtream7 Cartridge Replacement Pack

In the Xstream 7 Cartridge Replacement Pack, you’ll have a sediment and carbon cartridge, and which are basic filtration cartridges and to have the pair of them delivered to your house and to change the cartridges, it is very, very cheap.

If you've got bore water and deal with a lot of sediment and need to change your cartridges every six months because of the water quality, these cartridges are perfect.

What are the seven stages of filtration?

Water comes into the Xstream 7, then is filtered through the sediment cartridge, filtered through the carbon cartridge, and then it comes up and goes through the membrane.

Once the water flows through the membrane, it strips out all the contaminants and the minerals and gives you water at a pH of 6.

From there, the water flows into the storage tank, and inside the tank is a bladder. The water is held here and has the capacity for about nine litres of storage at any given time.

When the water leaves the tank and is on its path back up to the faucet, it goes through the T300 hydrogen-rich cartridge, generating oxygen in the water. Considering the membranes tend to take a bit of the oxygen out, it's a great asset to a system like this.

The pH of the water will go in at 6pH and comes out the other end at 8pH.

Next, the water flows into the infrared balls.

After that, the water flows into a regular inline carbon cartridge on the top, polishing the water up, making it nice and sweet for you to drink.

Finally, the water comes out at the end; through a negative ion magnet.

Human beings have a negative charge, and this negative magnet puts a negative charge on the water, making it very healthy for us to drink.

The Xtream7 Storage Tank

The Reverse Osmosis membrane splits the water and creates very fine water, at about 200mls a minute.

At this rate, there isn’t enough water to continuously pour from the tap, so it pushes it into the storage tank. Once the tank is filled up or half full, whenever you hit the faucet on the sink, the bladder inside the tank will expand, pushing the water out to the faucet and into your sink.

It will continue to do that until it’s empty.

The system will automatically start creating water again as soon as you hit the faucet, even if the tank is pushing the water out of the faucet at the same time. As soon as the water stops coming out of the faucet, it will start flowing into the tank again, and the tank will fill up again.

Xstream Benefits

The Xstream 7 Reverse Osmosis system has a few extra benefits that most RO systems don't have. It's a great price and is a complete system including everything you need, including the storage tank.

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Need help Installing an Xstream 7? Watch the tutorial.

Product Update:

We no longer stock this product. We highly recommend the Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter instead.

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