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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is have a quick look at the Xstream 7 Reverse Osmosis System, okay? And, no secrets, as far as reverse osmosis systems go I don't mind this one here; it's an absolute ripper. And the reason I say that is because the quality of the water that flows out of this tap after the filtration stages and what it can do to the water before you consume and drink it, okay? So, as you can see here we've just gently laid everything out on the table. It is a full system, you can see it on the website, and it comes with everything that you'll need to put it together, okay? Now, before I start, if you're in the market for an RO, I really like this one here for bore water. And the reason for that is, is bore water is just probably gonna be a bit sediment-y and have a few lumps and bumps in the water.

And the water comes in from this side here, and this is the sediment cartridge. And as you can see here, I've grabbed a replacement cartridge pack, so this is the first sediment that goes in the, in the first one, and this is the carbon cartridge that goes in the second one: sediment, carbon. And it's $30 to have the pair of them delivered to your house, so it's just very very cheap to change the cartridges, so if you've got bore water and it's got a bit of crap in it, and you gotta change 'em over every six months 'cause of the water quality, then it's not too big a problem, all right? Some of the other systems just, it might be hundreds of dollars, but, good old fashioned style.

These housings here, we test 'em, they've tested right up to the thousands of kilopascals, so they've got really good holding capacity and they'll do the job for you on the pump. Okay, obviously we've got a pressure limiting valve that'll get installed on that side there to stop any sudden surges and we're good to go. So, water comes in to the Xstream 7, filtered through the sediment, filtered through the carbon, and then it comes up and goes through the membrane. Once the water flows through the membrane, not just on this system, any RO, doesn't matter the shape, the size, the country it's made in or the stickers on it, whatever it is, once the water comes out of the RO in a reverse osmosis system, comes out of the membrane, it's stripped all of the contaminants out the water, it's stripped all the mineral outta the water, and you've got water now which is about a pH of about 6.

That water is going to flow into the tank, it's gonna fill the tank up, and inside this tank is a bladder. And as the water comes in, it's pushed by the pump, or just the mains pressure if you're on government water. The water comes through the system, comes outta the membrane, going into the tank, and it's gonna fill the tank up. Have about nine liters up your sleeve in here all the time. Now the reason the water's in the tank here is because these membranes split the water and they just create very very fine water, but very very slowly: probably 200 mils a minute, depending on your incoming water quality and moreso the water pressure that you've got available at your home.

So, very slow, 200 mils a minute, you know, doesn't, it's not enough to pour out of the tap. So it pushes it into the storage tank. There's a bladder in the tank, so once the tank's filled up or half full, whenever you hit the faucet on the sink, the bladder inside the tank expands, pushes the water out, and the water will come up and it'll come outta the tap on the faucet on the sink. And it'll do that for about nine liters straight, run for a couple of minutes, and then obviously it'll wear out. The system will automatically start creating water again as soon as you hit the faucet, even though this tank is pushing the water out of the faucet at the same time. As soon as the water stops coming out of the faucet, water'll start flowing into the tank again and the tank will fill up again and you'll be good to go. Alright? When you, when the water leaves the tank and it's on its path back up to the faucet, well, that's when it's gonna come along and this is the new model here. We've got the T300, so this is a hydrogen-rich cartridge, that's why it's been upgraded, the Xstream 7.

And it's gonna generate, it's hydrogen, so it's generating oxygen in the water. So considering the membranes tend to take a bit of the oxygen out as well, it's a great asset to a system like this. The pH of the water will go in at six and it's gonna come out the other end eight, 8 1/2 when they're new. And it'll elevate the pH of the water up very nicely and quite high. Swings around, this one here's the infra red balls. Okay, acid in the body, and it's good for the heart, and it's just got a lot of health benefits, the infra red treatment. And then it flows around the end. This is just a normal inline carbon cartridge on the top, and that'll polish the water up and just make it nice and sweet and beautiful for you to drink.

The water comes out the end; this little red one here, and we do have them in blue as well, that's a magnet, okay, it's a negative magnet. Us human beings are negative with a negative charge, and this negative magnet puts a negative charge on the water and just makes it super super for us to drink, okay? So you can see why I like it. It's just got a few extra benefits that most RO systems don't have. It's a great price, it comes as a full system, and everything you need here is ready to go. The box with the faucet in it, here's the watermark connection that goes up underneath the sink that we run the water off. Obviously the pressure limiting valve I mentioned before that'll go on the side there. In the kit here is all the tool to undo the bottom housing, et cetera. There's a little cap, tap in there to go up on top of the tank to turn the tap on and off.

And just the, all the fittings and fixtures that you're gonna need. In any of these systems, they might sound complicated but they really aren't. Basically, we connect this one up under the sink and the water will come down through the pressure limiting valve and into the system. The water comes through one and two into the membrane. On the membrane there is a couple of pipes on the back, obviously, and you can look on the end here, we've got them marked for you: tank, drain, water feed in. So water goes in this one here, and then once it comes out the membrane this is the flow restrictor here, so that stops any water being wasted. So this system here is doing about one-for-one.

One liter of waste down the drain, one liter of good water's gonna be stored in the tank. So, that drain there will have the saddle, et cetera here. This drain's gonna, it's in the instruction booklet too, but this drain here will connect onto the kitchen sink waste water line, and that's where the drain water goes down the drain. This one here is gonna connect into the tank. And then obviously the water will also come back from the tank and it, 'cause it's only one line runs to the tank, okay? So it'll come out here and go to the tank. When the tank's full it'll stop. When the water's gonna come out of the tank it'll go back along the same line.

And it'll come back in here, it'll flow through the system, come outta here to our fourth line which is gonna go to the tap, and that'll be up onto the sink and the water will flow out. So, they really are a great little system and if you're looking for a reverse osmosis system, then you can have some confidence in this one. It's been our greatest seller for some time and it's an absolute ripper.

And, just if you need a hand with anything or whatever, give us a ring and we're always here to, happy to help. Thanks very much.

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