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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and I'd like to welcome you to our YouTube channel. Hey guys, Andrew here from My Water Filter. Welcome to our channel and we love creating videos for you guys. What we are trying to do here at My Water Filter, Australia's premier online store for water filtration, is to help you create the best water you can. But before we get onto some videos, and before you start watching some of our videos, and when you do start watching some of our videos, you're gonna notice one thing and we get this question often, which where's your finger, man? Where's your finger, mate.

Okay, folks look, it's no secret. I have had a finger off, it is missing, it is gone and it's not comin' back. Look there's miles of jokes and stories on at the moment about losin' the finger in the war and explosions and fish eating it and wild animals and camping et cetera. Look, it has gone, it's not comin' back, if you can up with it I'll handle it, but I think we're just gonna keep runnin' with it mate, 'cause it's too much fun at the moment.

No dramas. Alright guys, so what we want from you guys is to let us know what videos we can create for you and comment underneath the videos below and subscribe to our YouTube channel, but what we're really here for you is to help you create the best you water you can. So join our community, we look forward to creating videos for you, and create the best water you can.