[VIDEO] What to do with your Ceramic Cartridge once it arrives - Product Care Video

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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is have a look at the range, the selection of ceramic cartridges, okay? And nowadays because ceramic cartridges are just so fantastic at repelling bugs, stopping sediment. They're cleanable and they're really good for bugs and untreated water. And really good on government water because of the carbon, et cetera that they're using on the inside.

So when you receive your water filter cartridge and it is a ceramic, it's been transported. It might have traveled quite a distance. Some of the quarries nowadays are throwing things around a little bit and they have been susceptible to a few lumps and bumps. So when you get your cartridge, your water filter, what you need to do is take a look at it and just make sure that it's not cracked and broken. Here at My Water Filter, it's all about the customer's water. It's all about having ultra pure water and if you get a cartridge and it's got a big split down the middle, if you don't have look at it, you're just gonna be drinking unfiltered water.

Because the water will find the path of least resistance and it's just gonna travel through there and you'll just be drinking down unfiltered water. So when you get your water filter cartridge, if it's a replacement, if you ordered a new water filter and it's on its way to you. When you receive it let's take a look at it. It doesn't matter. Doulton, Super Sterasyl, or the old Doulton Ultracarb. Or the new modern fantastic, best in our eyes, Ultrapure cartridge. Even some of the candles. The Australis, the Doulton, the Ultra Ceram, the SCP Plus, the best one, the Ultra Pure. If you're receiving any of these cartridges, if it's in a water filter take it out.

If it's in the box, have a look at it, okay? And this is what we do. It's ceramic, you've got oil on your hands and your fingers. We don't want to go touching the ceramic cartridge. Protect it, respect it, take care of it. So when we get it, we grab it on the end. We hold it, we give the ends a little twist. We don't do anything silly and just try and screw 'em off. They're not screw-able. But we just make sure that they're solid and still intact. You cast your eyes up and down the ceramic. And as you're doing so, just have a look at it. If it's got a little scratch on it, little dings and marks, they come like that, they're ceramic, okay? But you're looking for cracks.

Even a hairline crack and you will notice if there's a crack in it. It'll be very visible and it'll stand out. But as we can see, good to go. No worries at all. Same with this one here. Twist 'em on the ends, roll 'em around, casting your eyes left to right, the full length of the cartridge and we're looking for cracks. Make sure there's no cracks in there. If there's a crack in the cartridge, take an image of it, email it to us. We need to fix it, okay? The ceramic dome cartridges are exactly the same.

The candles, okay? Don't touch the ceramic. You got the thread on the bottom, the shaft, you can grab hold of that. Get all of it, have a look around there. All looking okay there. Get a nice bag or glove, put it over the top. Give it a little screw, make sure it's solid and it's made the journey to you in one piece. Okay? And if once you do that, you're home and housed. You're good to go.

Give them a rinse off. Install them, give them a flush, and enjoy. Thank you very much.

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