No Daylight Saving

Monday to Friday

STATE:          WA               NT, SA         NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS
OPEN:         6:00 AM        7:30 AM      8:00 AM

CLOSED:    5:00 PM        6:30 PM       7:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

STATE:          WA              NT, SA         NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS
OPEN:         6:00 AM       7:30 AM       8:00 AM

CLOSED:    2:00 PM        3:30 PM       4:00 PM

During Daylight Saving

Monday to Friday

STATE:          WA             QLD            NT, SA          NSW, VIC, TAS
OPEN:         5:00 AM      7:00 AM      7:30 AM       8:00 AM

CLOSED:    5:00 PM      7:00 PM       7:30 PM       8:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

STATE:         WA             QLD             NT, SA          NSW, VIC, TAS
OPEN:        5:00 AM      7:00 AM       7:30 AM       8:00 AM

CLOSED:   2:00 PM       4:00 PM      4:30 PM        5:00 PM

If you contact us after our Operating Hours we will get back to you the next day.

Thank you and create a great day.

Rod Archdall
The Healthy Water Bloke

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