[VIDEO] 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Product Spotlight

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do, is just have a quick look at this little four stage reverse osmosis system, okay? It's a little powerhouse, this one. Very popular and very reliable, and pretty cheap. Now, there's some good points about this RO system, and that is these first two cartridges at the bottom are cheap to replace, so if you're looking at filtering out bowl water, this is a good choice, okay? The downside of this system here is that it's just a four stage system. So the water is coming in through the sediment, filter out the lumps and bumps.

Go through a carbon, take out the chlorine chemical. And that's prepared it for the membrane. Then the water comes through the membrane. That's gonna split the water. One liter down the drain, one liter will store in the storage tank, okay? And that's where it will go. It will tick along, just a normal RO membrane. It's gonna make about 200 mills of water every minute. That will store in the tank. Tank will fill up at nine odd liters, and you'll have the storage in the tank.

You'll hit the faucet. The bag in the tank will push the water back along the line, through the carbon cartridge on the top here, come out the top, and it'll go up to the faucet, and you'll be able to drink that water. Now, these are great at filtering water, don't get me wrong. This membrane, take all the contamination out. But at the same time, it's gonna take all the mineral out. And when it strips the water of the mineral, the pH level plummets. So this system is making water at about a six pH, okay? So I'm not that big on that.

We want our customers, unless there's a reason, the doctor sends you and you gotta get cleaned out on the inside, so you're gonna drink acidic water for three months, or something like that, but apart from that, at My Water Filter we really want people drinking water above a pH of seven. If you're drinking and consuming acidic water, as that water goes through your body, it's stripping mineral out the body, slightly turn you acidic on the inside. It's not what we're looking for, we're looking for alkaline, and that's the way we run around here. So, this is a good filter. But if you're gonna use it, it's gonna make six pH water. There's a couple of things you can do.

We can add an alkalizer onto the top, which is basically putting some mineral back into the water. You can have another look on the site. Upgrade to the Xstream 7. It's got some good alkalization happening up on top of that system. And would be a much better way to go. You can get this system, and what we do is we take this cartridge off the top, and what we're gonna do, we're gonna put on here a calcite carbon cartridge. And what will happen there is, the calcite will dissolve into the water. It'll elevate the pH in the water up to seven. You're now drinking neutral water, and that would be good. I would be very happy with that, okay? No good like this, it isn't unless you need it, but if we put a calcite carbon cartridge on the top, the water flowing out will be seven, neutral pH, and you're good to go, okay? It is a kit, it comes in a kit.

You see it's laid out on the table, everything's here. And obviously this is a faucet. It goes up on the sink. This is the water, this goes up under the sink, on the kitchen sink under the tap, underneath the sink, sorry. And that's where the half inch BSP water line goes through. And then this one at the front, is our water feed coming down to go in the end there. If you spin this one around, you'll be able to see, we've got it marked. Water feed in. So that's the water from the pump going into the system, through the sediment, through the carbon, up into the membrane. Membrane's gonna split the water, and then we'll come out of the membrane, and we're going down the drain.

So straight onto the kitchen sink drain. The other one up at the top here, will go ... Anyway, the other one on the other side will come around and go into the tank, okay? And then when it comes out of the tank, it goes back through the top cartridge, carbon or calcite if we upgrade it for you, and it'll come out the end and go up to the tap. Alright? Everything else is in the bag. Housing tool, all the parts. The little tap that screws on top of here.

Stop the, so you can control the water flow, etc. Is saddled to go on the pipe under your sink, and has got a twin seam, alright? Extra pipe and fittings, and it's all there for you. Pressure limiting valve to go on the side to stop sudden surges of pressure. And that's about it, okay? Here's the cartridges here, obviously. The sediments and the carbons for these. They're good and cheap, so if you're on bowl water, this is what I'd be looking for. And they're proven.

Been selling them for years, and they're watermarked and they're good to go. So, thank you very much.


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