How To Install Your 6 Stage Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filter [VIDEO]

Putting your new 6 Stage Multi-Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filter together is simple, and you can do it in less than 10-15 minutes.

Read the step by step instructions and watch the video below. 


      1. Open the top of the bag which the water filter is packaged in.
      2. Take out all the parts and lay them on the bench.
      3. Turn the base over and put it on the flat benchtop.
      4. Take the faucet out of the plastic packaging.
      5. Insert one of the washers onto the thread and make sure it's pushed right up against the back of the plate.
      6. Thread it through the hole in the bottom water filter tank.
      7. Apply the second washer.
      8. Screw the locking nut onto the end of the faucet’s thread from the inside of the tank and tighten it up until finger tight.
      9. Leave the bottom of the faucet/tap pointing in the 3 o’clock position.
      10. While you’re holding the locking nut of the faucet on the inside of the tank, screw the faucet up to the 6 o’clock position and tighten it up. See the video above so you know exactly how to do it properly.
      11. Put the bottom tank on top of the base and push it down into the base.
      12. Rinse the mineral pad in a bucket to remove the fines.
      13. Put the mineral pad into the bottom of the tank in the middle.
      14. Screw the cartridge into the lid of the bottom tank.
      15. Immerse the cartridge in a bucket of water or under the tap and swirl it around to loosen and remove any loose fines in the cartridge.
      16. Place the bottom tank lid and cartridge onto the top of the bottom tank and press down.
      17. Take the ceramic water filter candle out of the plastic. Make sure you don’t touch the candle with your hands.
      18. Rinse the candle under the tap to remove any fines from it.
      19. Take the locking nut off the bottom of the candle.
      20. Put the thread through the hole of the top tank.
      21. Screw the locking nut on from the inside of the tank and tighten it up.
      22. Turn the top tank right way up again and put it on top of the bottom tank.
      23. Put the lid on.

Now you are ready to fill it with water and use it.


We no longer stock this product but stay tuned; we’ve got an exciting replacement coming soon! In the mean time, click here to see our full collection of Benchtop Gravity Water Filters

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