[VIDEO] How to install your 6 stage Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we have is the six stage multi-use bench top gravity water filter, okay? It's a great little filter, very cheap. Obviously not top of the range, but for the price it's an absolute bargain, and it's got quite a lot of uses. Different waters, rain water, scheme water, and elevates the pH of the water, so it's an absolute ripper. So what we're gonna do today, brand new straight out of the box.

We're just gonna cut this one open, and give you a look at what's inside, put it together so you can see what it's like just in case you're interested in something like this, okay? So we can open him up. On the inside lapel of the box there is some instructions there, okay, but we'll just lift him out now. Okay. So we've opened the top bag up. It's all nicely sealed up to keep it nice and clean in transport. This is the mineral pad that sits in the bottom.

It adds essential minerals back into the water. Top plate. This is the ceramic cartridge that fits into the very top tank of the water filter. The different stages, carbon, and then the mineral below to elevate the pH of the water. A lid to go on the very top. Little faucet tap. There's our top tank. Bottom tank. And last but not least, here's our base. So step number one, turn the base over. Make sure you got a nice flat surface like a bench like this, and we're good to go. There's the bottom tank. Now we're gonna install the tap first, okay? What you can do, it is new. Wouldn't hurt to give it a nice little wipe over. Bit of lemon in the water, something like that.

Just give it a wipe over before you start to use it, okay? Here's the faucet. It comes with two washers, and obviously the locking nut, and we're just gonna put it through the hole in the bottom tank. So the first we do is insert one of the rubber washers under the thread. Make sure it's pushed right up against the back of the plate. Then we're gonna take the thread, and we're gonna put it straight through the hole in the water filter.

We'll apply the second washer, and then we'll put the nut on the inside to lock it on and tighten it up, okay? So here we go. Very simple, straight through. Put our washer on. We can see what's going on here. It's all brand new. Does that very easy, okay? Now what I do, you gotta be careful. We don't wanna damage or break the tap, but what I'll do is I'll just leave the faucet at about nine o'clock, ten o'clock on a clock, on that angle, as you can see.

I'll tighten up the nut on the inside as tight as I can by hand. And then while I'm holding that on the inside, not touching the chrome part, just the tap, just turn it up to 12 o'clock gently, okay? You can't get too carried away because you might break something, but there we go, and that should be enough to seal it up. If you had a little leak or a dribble out the bottom, you have to get a spanner, put it on the nut on the inside and just tighten it up a little bit.

The only reason it'll leak here is if it's not tight enough. There's two very good washers on each side, and as long as it's tight, it'll never leak, okay? So there we have it. And then we push the base down into the holder, and there we go, okay? Next part we're gonna need is our mineral pad. Take the mineral pad out. Now you can get the mineral pad. It'll have a lot of fines in it. It's been bouncing around in transport and things like that, and beads rolling as it was processed.

So I take this and rinse it around in a bucket. Give it a good swirl around in a bucket, get our little fines out of it before you put it into your filter. And then the mineral pad simply sits in the center flat on the bottom of the filter like so, okay? Once that's in there we get our bottom tank lid. We'll also get the bottom filter, the carbon filter with the mineral layers below it. Okay, you can see it. You see it's got a cover on the top, and there's a very fine gauze in there as well.

Holds all the carbon in, and the other minerals below. This one here screws into the thread in this top plate. That plate's gonna go on there, and the mineral pad's gonna hang underneath. So it's got a good coarse thread in it. You do have to take a second and get it in nice and straight. That's it, lock him on tight. We want it to seal. We don't want the water leaking around the edge, but it's got a nice lip on there that'll hold it. Just lock him in nice and tight, and you're good to go.

Once again, you can hold this cartridge here under the tap, bucket of water. Give it a swirl around and get any fines in it, any carbon fines, just wash it out before you put it in the filter. Screw it on, and you're good to go. You see how easy it is coming together. It's good and strong. That's just gonna sit on there, okay? Now we have the top tank.

Hole in the bottom. That's where our top surrounding cartridge is gonna go. Now the situation is here, this is the dome ceramic cartridge that comes with the water filter. Perfectly fine to use, perfectly good on rain water, stop the bugs in the rain water, and this is great for rain water, this is. This is cheap little system, and what'll happen if you've got rain water, you'll tip the rain water into the top tank. The bugs will be stopped by the ceramic cartridge.

The water will trickle down, gets polished up by the carbon, goes down through the mineral layers. Rain water's acidic at about 5.56 pH. So as the water goes down, it elevates the pH, and you turn your rain water just like that into a eight pH water, really very nice, okay? When I'm handling these ceramics, I'll always keep the bag on there. You've got a lot of oil and stuff on your fingers, and we just don't wanna get it embedded in the ceramic cartridge.

We wanna look after it as good as we can. But once again, I'll get this cartridge and we'll rinse under the tap, get any ceramic fines off the outside, and just give it a rinse over. And you can even get a bucket of water and hold it in the bucket of water. They have a lot of air in them, and so when you first set it up, if you set it up and stand here waiting, you're gonna get bored because it takes a long time for the water to initially push all the oxygen out of the ceramic cartridge before it starts to run through the filter.

But if you put the cartridge in like we're gonna do now, fill up the top tank and go to bed, you'll come out in the morning, and all the water will be in the bottom tank, and the cartridge will have done its job, okay? So just take that simple nut off the bottom. They've got one little rubber washer here, and that's to seal on the hole at the top tank. So we put the thread straight through the hole. They do have a large hole in them, so just try and put the center, the thread right in the center as best you can.

I hold him up vertical like that, and then we're just gonna screw the nut straight on the top and do him up, okay? Now as I've just mentioned, okay, beautiful. Now as I just mentioned, this is perfect for rain water. Stop the bugs, absolutely perfect. And it's okay in the city, too, don't get me wrong.

Stop the contamination, stop the sediments in the water. The carbon will help with the chlorine, etc. But our city water's getting pretty ordinary nowadays. There's a lot of chemicals in it, all right, it's pretty nasty. So what you can do with these water filters is here's the ultrapure candle, okay? Just a candle like this one here, a little bit higher. You can go under the website and get an ultrapure candle. Four pages of contamination removal.

Just 99.99%, any bugs, 99.9% chlorine, chloramine, all the nastiest. Ninety-seven percent for flouride. So if you use it in the city, and you just wanna get a cheap filter, but you really want it to perform like a professional filter, just put an ultrapure candle in the top of that, and you've got very good water, I promise you, okay? Once that's done, here's our lid, and on she goes. As you can see, that won't fall over. I could just about stand on that.

It's as strong as a rock. Get your water in the top tank, flow through into the bottom. Get your glass, push it on the tap, simple as that. We have hardly any of these that the taps ever break, and we sell hundreds of these water filters. So just a good treat for family. If you haven't got a water filter, and you want something, you can just go for one of these. Get you going.

It'll make a big difference to the drinking water for the family, okay? So enjoy. Thank you very much.