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[Narrator] Hi, in this video you'll find out just how easy it is to set up an under sink water filter product from My Water Filter. - Good day folks! Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna show you is just how easy it is to install your own under sink water filter. So I've laid it all out here so you can have a look. And tools are there. Everything that comes in the pack is sitting here on top of this towel.

I like to work with a towel on the bench. You don't chip it, scratch it, do any damage to anything. Same thing, you're getting in underneath your own sink, get a towel, spread it out, if there's a little bit of water drips out, things like that, the towel will soak it up. Give you something nice and soft to work on. Step one every single time, you just nip out the front and turn off the mains water filter. Mains water meter.

Just guarantee your mains are off before you start. You don't wanna get under your sink and undo a tap and all of a sudden you've got a big flood in the kitchen. So straight out, off with the mains water supply and then we can come inside and get serious. When you get inside, just turn the kitchen tap on, make sure that a little bit of water were coming up and make sure that it's all over and there's no more water coming inside the house.

So, just here you can see the tools that we're gonna use for this job. Very simple. Couple of shifting spanners, crescents, whatever you want or like to call them, a nice sharp knife, some thread tape for doing up in threads and, of course, a drill so you drill a hole in the sink. Few ways you can go about it. There's no real right or wrong way.

It's pretty simple and it's all gonna come together when we're done. Underneath your sink is going to be either a flexible pipe coming from the cold water tap, down. It'll have a fitting on it. You can unscrew that. Nowadays, 90% of people have got dishwashers, so generally we can go from dishwasher tap.

So you can just, remember the mains is turned off so there's no pressure or water under here, so you can just get a crescent, break the lock on the tap, take your dish washing tap off, give it a little wipe to clean up any water, and then you're sort of pretty much ready to go. This is where this piece comes in. It's the water filter B. So, pretty much where we take the tap off underneath the kitchen sink.

We'll get some thread tape and wrap some thread tape around it and then that'll allow us to put this adapter on it. It'll screw straight on. Once again, we'll get some thread tape. We'll run some thread tape around this fitting there. Very simple. I'm gonna put a bit on. Start thin at the front and then thicken it up for the back so as you're screwing you're fitting on. It'll be tightening up and getting a good seal on it for you. And once that's on you'll put your tap back onto here. In the meantime, once again, a little bit of thread tape. Apply a little thread here, work around the whole piece. The base of this one here, and screw straight into that goodie there.

It'll be under the sink and this is now the one arm for your water filter. So get down under the sink, set it up, and that's your one arm for your filter. If you ever need to change the cartridges later on down the track or whatever, you don't have to go to the mains anymore, you can just in line or beyond. The cross will be on. You can turn it on and change your cartridges or do whatever you need to do. We've got that one on there. Simply, this is the pipe that comes with it. Depending on where you position it, if it's not under the sink you can put one somewhere else in the house. You just cut the pipe to the length that you require.

I'm just gonna nip a bit off here today to give you a bit of a demonstration of how easy they all fit together. Pretty much, what you want is a nice square cut, because these pipes are going to push into beams. We've got a beautiful, nice square cut across the front. Square it up on the bench.

Very easy to cut as you can see. Basically, straight through the barrel. People have different names and things, but straight on. Once again. Straight on there as well. Once it's on, make sure it's nice and square and there is a bit all the way around your pipe. That we'll just fill up nice and tight. Get a little shifting spanner, put it on there and tighten that one up.

There you all have it. That's how far you've got. From here, this is called a pressure limiting valve. It will stop too much pressure coming through to your filter. You must have one on there. Now, this fitting just pushes straight into here. You've only gotta make sure that this arrow is flowing to the water direction. So that there, I won't push it in cause I don't want it to disappear. But basically, in the hole, just push it in and it'll lock in there. It's a very simple thing. So then we attach it on, we cut another piece of pipe.

I'll just use this little bit here to show our use of it. Next piece of pipe into the top. Same thing, make it here, job's done. We then run it up to the inlet of our water filter. As you can see, very simple fitting. Straight and all the fittings are customer friendly. So we just push our pipe into there and push our pipe up into the filter. I'll just stand that one up so you can get a good view of that.

As you see, I'm just pushing that pipe straight into there, push it up, into the inlet, push it up, hold the pipe up, and we're screwing it on. It's really, really simple stuff. All of a sudden, we've now got water delivery to our filter. We're halfway there. Same thing, filters off. Basically water comes through, sediment carbon, ultra pure depending on what type of water filter you've got, alkaline with minerals. On this side, after the water is filtered, coming out this side, pristine and healthy.

This will be our water outlet. Same thing, screw it on there and the water's coming out. Once we've got that far, where it takes us to now, is fitting on a tap. Take a little bit of time, and make sure it goes in the right spot. This is probably the only tricky bit that you can't change if you make mess or a mistake. It's very simple. It's really just where you're gonna position it. So work out where you want it.

I generally like them on the corner. In we go, plenty of room to put the kettle, the pot, whatever underneath. So find yourself your desired position, mark it with a pen. Do a little stab punch to make a little mark for you to drill in. And then I also like to use two or three drill bits. The desired size that you're gonna require for this is a 13 mil, half inch, but don't just come and try drilling a 13 mil hole straight through your sink. Just get a little fine three mil, and just put a little fine 100% center line in there first. Then maybe something like a four or five mil, then you can drill through with a larger drill bit. It's pretty simple. Just gonna be dipping here and through you go.

Take it nice and easy. Have some safety glasses on. Make sure there's no water or anything around you. If you aren't using a power drill, a battery drill would be ideal. So you're basically gonna get there, in we go, drill a hole, just a round hole in the sink. Then we'll see how we put the tape together. When your filter comes, you'll actually get, if you have a look at the bottom of the box here, and it does show you plainly how it all fits together. I've laid it all out here for us. There's a rubber washer that fits up underneath the tap. Just push it straight on.

Simple, simple. And that there is ready to come over and sit straight on the top of our sink. From there, so once we've gone through the sink, the sink's gonna be here. We have a washer that goes up underneath then we have a lock plate. That washer will sit in the plate. That's gonna just spin all the way up. Because the sink's only thin, it is going to come up most of the way. It'll screw up to there. You then have a locking nut. You'll screw that locking nut on the bottom. Once again, that's gonna follow. All the way up as well. Fine thread takes a bit to screw it up.

Once you get it up there, put your crescent on there, and just gently nip it up tight. This is plastic here. Don't go crazy. As long as the tap's on there nice and firm. Tighten as you go with your fingers. Nip up the lock nut with your little shifter and that's ready to go. You'll be sitting on the top there, over here if you like. Sitting there on the sink and you can move it however you like, or wherever you want it to go. And generally you have your tap off to the side there. But you can sit that tap in any way you want it or in any position around the sink.

They're normally there, sitting back here of course. Or you can have it off to the side if you want it to be. Or around this side. It's a kinda long tap here Water on. Beautifully clean, filtered water. So once, we've got our tap done, all that we've left is our delivery line from our active water filter. So his pipe here will come along and go up into the top of the sink here where the tap is. Once again, you've just got a couple of little pieces. Put a little piece on there. You've got a little cover to go over it as well.

Put this on there as well. I normally just push it down a little bit. That's gonna be sitting on your sink. Done up nice and tight. So from underneath, you'll just reach up and push that hose, that pipe up into your tap. You've got your little pherel there. And all we're gonna do is tighten this one up. Here we go, just finger tight. Once again, get your spanner, put it on the edge and lock it up. You don't wanna go too tight. It'll start to move the whole thing. So you might even want to hold onto the top, or someone holding the top, and you just get that up from the bottom.

Pretty much folks, that's about all there is to it. It's all here and very simple. Anyone can put one together. I really suggest you have a look at one and get your own filter system going. The water quality in Australia really is deteriorating in front of us. Just before I go, I'll just give you a quick demonstration here on the cartridge.

The beauty of this is that it's quick and easy. Just like changing a light bulb. As you can see, we just turn it, a little bit around. And it's off. So in 12 months, or whenever you need to change your filters, same for all of them. Just grab hold of those, give them a turn, pull them off.


They're off, come along, get your new ones, push them up in there and turn. Elderly, anybody can fit one of these back on. Like so. They are so, so simple and that's how it goes.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope it's helped you in some way and have a good day. Thank you.

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