In this article, you'll find out exactly How To Install an Under Sink Water Filter System and we'll show you, using the Purity Series Under Sink Water Filter System.

You will need:

      • Crescent.
      • Sharp knife.
      • Thread tape.
      • Drill.
      • Towel.
      • Electrical Tape.
      • Pen/Pencil.
      • Hole punch or sharp object.

The first step:

Before you start, turn off the main water supply.

Come back into the kitchen and turn on the tap to empty the pipes and remove the pressure from the entire system.

Then once you have done that, place a towel on the bench and lay out all your tools on it.

I like to work with a towel on the bench, so you don't chip it or damage it in any way.

Use another towel to catch any water that drips underneath your sink.

How To Install An Under Sink Water Filter:

In the instructional video below, we show you step by step how to install an under sink water filter system. 

Underneath your sink will be either a flexible pipe coming from the cold water tap or (if you have a dishwasher), you can use the dishwasher hose.

90% of people these days have got dishwashers, so generally, we can go from the dishwasher tap and install a diverter to direct water into your filter.

      1. Break the lock on the connection to your dishwasher tap and disconnect the hose.
      2. Take the dishwasher tap off and wipe it to clean up any water.
      3. Wrap some thread tape around the thread of the diverter/adaptor and connect back up to the tap.
      4. Wrap some thread tape around the thread of the water filter on/off adapter and screw it on to the diverter which you installed to your dishwasher hose (or the cold water hose).
      5. Cut off 10-15cm of the water pipe (making the clean/square cut with a stanley knife).
      6. Feed the water pipe into the nut, and screw it onto your on/off adapter.
      7. Nip it up with a crescent until finger tight.
      8. Push the water pipe into the on/off adapter.

Install The Pressure Limiting Valve

      1. Push the water pipe coming from the on/off adapter into the pressure limiting valve.
      2. Cut another piece of water pipe, with enough length to reach from your on/off tap, the water filter (again, making the clean/square cut with a stanley knife).
      3. Connect the water pipe to the pressure limiting valve and push it in, with the arrows facing the direction toward the filter.
      4. Connect the exposed water pipe to the inlet of the water filter.

You have now got water delivery to the water filter.

You’re halfway there!

Connect Your Water Filter To The Sink Faucet Position

      1. Cut enough water pipe to go from the water filter outlet to the faucet you will install in the sink top.
      2. Connect the water pipe to the outlet of your water filter.

Install The Faucet

Wherever you decide that you'd like to install your faucet, you need to look under the sink to make sure that you can get to it.

Once you insert the faucet, you're going to put a locking nut on the bottom, and you need to be able to get your arm in there to tighten it up. Just make sure that wherever you drill the hole through the top of the sink, you have access from underneath to connect it up with the locking nut. Then you put on the joiner connection and connect the hose.

      1. Choose a place on your sink near the basin and flat enough to drill the hole.
      2. Use a pencil to make a small mark where you want to install your faucet.
      3. Cover the pencil mark with a small piece of electrical tape.
      4. Make another small mark on top of the electrical tape (where you put the first mark).
      5. Use a drill (with a small drill bit) to drill a pilot hole through the electrical tape on top of the mark.
      6. Use a drill (with the half-inch drill bit) to fully drill the hole for the faucet.

Now there's a hole in the sink; it’s time to install the faucet.

Installing The Faucet

      1. Put the single rubber washer onto the faucet.
      2. Peel the protective coating off the chrome plate and make sure the rubber washer is inside the bottom of the chrome plate.
      3. Slide the chrome plate onto the faucet.
      4. Push the faucet into the new hole in the sink.
      5. Take the black plate, locking washer and nut (in that order) and screw it onto the bottom of the faucet from underneath the sink, and tighten it up with a spanner.

Connect The Water Hose To The Faucet

      1. Push the connector onto the bottom of the faucet.
      2. Thread the water hose from your water filter outlet around the back and connect it up to the faucet.
      3. Put the red clip into the top of the collar (if it came with clips).
      4. Push the hose up into the connector.
      5. Put the next red clip onto the collar of the connector to lock it into place.
      6. Run some water through for a minute to clear out any debris from the faucet.
      7. Pour yourself a nice glass of water with your newly installed  Under Sink Water Filter.

Now you know how to install an under sink water filter system. 

Product Update:

My Water Filter no longer stock the Purity Series Under Sink Water Filter System. Instead, we recommend the Ultrapure Triple Under Sink Water Filter With Alkaline.

Please contact us if you require any assistance with your installation.

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