7 Fun Ways To Increase Your Water Intake

Are you bored of plain water? Tired of feeling like you're constantly chugging back water but not really enjoying it?

Here are 7 fun ways to increase your water intake and make those 8 glasses a day seem like a breeze! Implementing even just one of these tips is bound to make a big difference to how you feel.

1. Make It Taste Great With A Water Filter

You will be surprised at the difference a benchtop water filter or undersink water filter makes to the taste of your water. When you actually enjoy drinking water, naturally you will be more inclined to drink more. 

The customer reviews are filled with comments by water filter users that rave about the taste of their drinking water.


2. Set A Fun Reminder Every Hour That Sets Off An Alarm

You want to make it something that you can connect with, that you find fun or inspiring. You might set an alarm with a quote or affirmation you love. Every time it goes off - have a glass of water.


3. Mix In Some Essential Oils

Mix things up by infusing essential oils in your water such as wild orange, lime or lemon.


4. Fruit Ice Cubes

Make ice cubes out of blended up fruits and add them to your water bottle or each glass.


5. Make It Sparkling

Make your own sparkling water with a soda stream, and add a squeeze of lemon if you want some flavour.


6. Revitalise Your Water With A Grander Board

The Grander Board creates what is called structured water, and by restructuring the water you bring vibrancy into it to make it more alive.

7. Reward Yourself For Reaching Your Goal

One of the ways we can reinforce good habits is by rewarding yourself when you achieve good things. This sets you up to feel good about your accomplishments, and you can make it a game with yourself to continue getting better every day.

Once you achieve your daily intake goal consistently. You have won.


If you have any fun ways you like to challenge yourself to drink more water, please feel free to share them with us on facebook. We’d love to give you a shoutout.

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