Campers are on the move, and if you're living in an RV or caravan, there's no shortage of opportunities for water, and the Filteroo Steel is, by far, the perfect solution!

The Filteroo Steel gravity water filter can treat up to 12L of water without any electricity. The sizes available are 6L, 8L and 12L, just choose one that suits the size of your caravan.

You will have the cleanest water a nomad can find, the Filteroo removes:

  • bugs, 
  • bacteria, 
  • viruses, 
  • chlorine, 
  • chlorine by-products,  
  • herbicides, pesticides
  • heavy metals.

If you get the filteroo max fluoride removal cartridges too, you will be creating the best fluoride-free, alkaline drinking water a nomad could ask for. 

What You Get

The Filteroo Steel is supplied as a complete package which includes a solid stainless steel stand, stainless steel jug, pH elevation mineral pad, shower filter, and a stainless steel water bottle to take with you anywhere go.

Unfortunately, good quality potable (drinking) tap water can often be challenging for campers to find in some locations, and you never know what bacteria you might be consuming.

Campers are increasingly relying on the convenience of portable filtered water to stay hydrated and nourished while travelling.

Stopping by a creek or lake?

Simply fill up your Filteroo Steel Gravity Water Filter with a bucket and enjoy purified water for the duration of your stay.

When we think about being off-grid, one thing that often comes to mind is being in nature and having a stronger connection with your surroundings. The Filteroo Steel has been designed so you can enjoy these benefits even when you’re in the middle of nowhere with not a single powerpoint for miles.

For those who love to travel but have concerns about the quality of the drinking water available to them while away from home - The Filteroo Steel is a must for your RV or Caravan!

How To Transport Your Filteroo Steel Safely

Before you travel, take your system apart and make sure all the pieces are dry. (except the fluoride cartridges - they need to remain wet and cool)

Place all the small parts in a zip-lock bag so they don’t get lost; that would be the last thing you want.

Dry out the Filteroo Rain & City Cartridges on a towel for 12-24 hours; put them in a zip-lock bag once dry. Towels or tea towels work well as packing.

Be sure to keep your Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Cartridges wet and cool. You can store them in a zip-lock bag with a small amount of water in a cool spot. Then, run water through them every few days to ensure they stay wet if you’re travelling for an extended period.

Once you’re setting up camp again - prime your cartridges again, and you’re ready to use your water filter again.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’d be very happy to help.

Bon Voyage!

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