What to do if Algae Grows inside your Water Filter

In this video, we take a quick look at what to do when you're seeing some algae or mould growing inside your water filter. 

Sometimes we will have a customer call to say they have algae growing inside their benchtop water filter, either at the bottom of the tank, on the mineral pad or on the filter cartridge.

Where Does The Algae Come From?

The algae can really only come from 2 places. Your water source, or the environment.

If you are using rainwater, as opposed city water, you may already have algae in the water, and you may need a better water filter system, such as benchtop or under sink water filter to remove the algae from the water.

If you are on city water, it’s much less likely that it is coming from your water as the water source is treated, which would kill the algae. But you are getting algae on city water then it’s more likely that it is coming from the environment and getting into your water filter.

Why Does Algae Grow In Water Filters?

The sunlight, and warmth from the environment encourages the algae to grow as well.

Because the water in the bottom tank has been filtered, it is free of chemicals and disinfectants, and this means there is nothing present in the water to stop algae growth if it starts.

How To Clean A Water Filter That Has Had Algae Growing In It

    1. Disassemble the water filter and separate the housing from the cartridges.
    2. Use a light dishwashing detergent to give the housing a good and thorough wash and rinse to kill and remove any algae spores.
    3. Don't use detergents on the cartridges. Wash them very well under flowing tap water.
    4. If you have a ceramic cartridge, scrub the ceramic cartridge under flowing tap water.
    5. Let everything dry and put your water filter back together

The Location Of Your Water Filter Matters

    1. Sunlight and warm temperatures help the algae to grow so when you put your water filter back together, try and put it in a cool, dark place, away from any windows and sunlight.
    2. As a further measure to keep sunlight out, you can even put something over the top of your water filter.

    What To Do If All Else Fails

    If you are concerned about algae growing in your water filter, then please contact us, and let us know.

    Email us a photo, and we'll have a look at it for you. It might be a sign that this water filter is not sufficient for the contaminants that are in your water. If you purchased through us, we can give you a refund on your water filter and upgrade you to something better which is our way to try and help.

    If I saw algae in my filter, I'd be upgrading to something a little bit better so to can create the best water that I can, because having quality water to drink is what water filtration is all about.


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