[VIDEO] How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter Kit

There are three stages to installing an under sink water filter

Stage 1: Install the under sink kit.

Stage 2: Install the water filter.

Stage 3: Install the faucet.

In this article we are just going to cover stage 1, installing the under sink kit. 

Before you start

The first step is to get everything out of your cupboard and make sure that it’s safe to start working under there. Make sure there are no electrical components and you’re not going to get hurt or injured in any way. 

Then you'll need get in there and make sure you've got plenty of room to install the water filter and something to screw the water filter onto. You'll have a couple of screws that will go through the top of the housing bracket to hold the filter in place.

Turn off the water supply

In the video, you’ll see we turned off the water from underneath the sink. If you can't turn the water off there, you've got to go out the front of the home to the water meter, and turn it off at the main water supply. Then you'll have no pressure pushing on the house.

Turning off the water under the sink

Come back inside, turn on the tap to empty the water line. 

Expect a little bit of water to come out. There will be a bit of pressure. 

Release the pressure, and you should be good to go. 

Note: You can lay a towel under the sink to catch any spillage of water.

Step 1: Install the T-Piece

Water Filter T-piece

Undo the chrome flexible hose.

Undoing the Chrome Flexible Hose

The first part we are going to install is the T-Piece which will send the water to your filter. 

T-Piece's can come in different shapes and sizes but they all perform the same purpose.

There should be a rubber in the end of the T-Piece. The rubber MUST be inside to have a good seal.

T-Piece Rubber washer

Screw the female end first making sure the male end is facing the direction of where you want to mount the water filter. Not too tight, there are rubbers in there that will seal. 

Attaching the T-Piece

Get the original chrome flexible pipe, and screw it back onto the top of the T-Piece.

Attaching the Flexible Hose to the T-Piece

The chrome flexible pipe has a rubber inside it as well, and it'll connect up on the male end of the T-Piece.

The T-Piece is now installed. 

Step 2 - Install the hose

Turn the tap off for the T-Piece so it's off, and at this point you can actually turn the water back on so the water is coming back into the sink. 

This water line is now completely live, full of pressure, full of water ready to go. 

Then get some under sink water filtration hose and cut it to the required length so it has enough room to reach and attach to where you want to install the water filter.

When cutting the hose, use a nice cutter, or a very sharp stanley knife. 

You’ll want to have a nice square cut on the pipe, so that you get the best seal inside the T-Piece.

Push the hose about one and a half centimetres straight into the T-Piece and make sure it’s in there nice and tight. 

Insert the water filter hose into the T-Piece

Step 3 - Install the red locking clip

While you don't have to have this installed, it does hold the pipe nice and square, holding it in place much easier. Just put the red locking clip inside the collar and it will not come out.

If you ever want to take the hose out, just take off the red clip by pushing the collar into the T-Piece, hold the collar in and pull out the hose.

Putting on the red locking around the Water Filter Hose

If you don't push the collar in, it will not come out unless you break it. 

The hose is now ready to attach to the water filter. 

Now you are ready for stage 2 and 3 of installing your under sink water filter.

Newly installed T-Piece connected to the Water Filter
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