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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do, is the installation of a water filter, okay? Under sink installation. And you'll see we've taken the cupboard doors off today, that's basically so you can get a good view of what's going on in here, and it just makes it a lot easier for me to get in and do the installation. So, pretty simple process, obviously, there's three stages to installing the water filter. We gonna install the under sink kit, we'll install the water filter itself, and we'll install the faucet, okay So, what we're gonna do here and what you wanna do, is get everything out of your cupboard, make sure that it's safe and there's no electrical components and you're not gonna get hurt or injured in any way.

Then you're gonna get in here and have a look and make sure you've got plenty of room to install the water filter, something to in screw it in, screw onto, because you'll have a couple of screws that will go through the top of the housing to hold the filter in place, okay? So what we'll do here first, the first thing you're going to want to do is cut the water. Turn the water off, okay? So it's pretty easy in this situation here, we've actually got a tap under the sink so we're going to turn the water off here. If you can't turn the water off here, you've got to go out the front of the home to the water meter, and turn it off at the main water supply.

Then you'll have no pressure pushing on the house, then you come back inside, turn on the tap. I would expect a little bit of water to come out, there will be a bit of pressure. Release of the pressure, and we're all good to go now. Alright? So what we would do now, you can lay a towel under the sink here if you get a bit of spillage of water, but apart from that we're going to undo the chrome flexible hose, and this is the part we are going to install which is the T-Piece and that will send the water filter to your filter. Okay? So simple, normal half-inch BSP connections the T-Piece's can come in different shapes and sizes but they're all a T-Piece.

So we just nip in here and undo this chrome flexible hose first, Okay. Alright so as you can see there is going to be some water so we've left it here for you to see this here today, so I'd definitely put a towel down when you are going to install your T-Piece. There's a rubber in the end, the rubber must be inside to have a good seal, okay? The chrome flexible pipe has also a rubber inside there as well, and it'll male up on the male end. So we'll put the female on first, and what we wanna do, we're gonna mount the water filter over here in this nice clear spot, so when we finish mounting the T-Piece we want the water hose to the filter, heading in that direction just so we've got nice easy flow for the water. So we'll just simply screw this one on here now. Okay. Like so.

Good Australian crescent. Not too tight, you've got rubbers in there. They will seal. Beautiful. Okay. Now we get our original chrome flexible pipe, and we're going to screw him back onto the top of the T-Piece. So again, we're just tightening up, nipping up tight. That'll do us. Okay. There we are. The T-Piece is now installed. I'll turn the tap off for the T-Piece so it's off, and at this point in time I can actually turn the water back on. So the water's coming back on the sink. And this line is now completely live, full of pressure, full of water ready to go. And not that I will, but if I lifted up that little black level on the T-Piece, water will start coming out the end here. That's basically where we're at, from there. Then we'll get some hose that we're gonna use, cut it to the required length, Just give ourselves plenty of spare there today.

You'd like to use a nice cutter, or a very sharp stanley knife. You wanna have a nice square cut on the pipe, so that you get the best seal inside the T-Piece 6and then this hose is just gonna push in about one and a half centimeters straight into the T-Piece. There we go. Make sure he's in there nice and tight. Then we've got a red locking clip. Now these clips, we do use them, you don't have to have one on there it will work without it, but the clip does hold the pipe nice and square and it holds it in place much more easier. So you just put that red locking clip inside the collar, and that will not come out that's locked in there, locked tight and ready to go. If you ever want to take it out, off with the red clip, you have to push this collar in So the collar's gotta be pushed in on the T-Piece and that hose will come out, right? Push him back in. If you don't push the collar in, you can pull on that and you just won't get it out. It will not come out unless you break it. So we push on the collar, hold the collar in, hose comes out. Or push the hose in, and he's in. Okay. On with the red clip, lock him on. Happy days. That's on there, hose now ready to go, spin that there where we position the water filter. Okay. And that's how to install the under sink kit.