[VIDEO] Vitamin Shower - Full and Empty Cartridge Comparison

The Vitamin Shower is famous for giving you a refreshing Vitamin C shower. But how do you know when it stops giving you that zesty chemical-free experience? 

Because of the clear see-through design of the Vitamin Shower you can always see the cartridge and how much is left to go.

The Vitamin Shower cartridge is full of food-grade Vitamin C powder that is orange in colour. The cartridge housing is also orange.

As you use the Vitamin Shower, the powder will start to dissolve and it will be replaced with water.

Empty and Full Vitamin Shower Cartridge

The cartridge on the left has been completely used up and this is what it will look like when you need to change the cartridges.


If your cartridges have run out, click here to get a new vitamin shower replacement pack. They come in a pack of three and they are one of the best ways to neutralize the chlorine and chloramine in your water for a lovely shower.

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