Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Shower Filter Shower Head Review

Today, I’m going to review the Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Shower Head. The Aroma Shower Head is the most reviewed shower filter on It’s also the shower filter that I use, so I will share from my perspective. But I am also going to share particular reviews our customers have shared based on the following areas:

Contaminant removal and what effect this has on your hair and skin. Shower experience. This is where we talk about water pressure, the softness of the spray, how it looks in the shower, and the scents available to create a great shower experience. Water usage and its water-saving capabilities. Installation and the design of the product. I will go through all the parts and how it goes together. Finally, I’ll talk about the different models, the cost, and the cartridge life.

Contaminant Removal

I have personally tested this product with a chlorine test kit, and this product does the job. But for those who don’t have a chlorine test kit, the question I like to ask is: Am I itchy and scratching because of the chlorine and its by-products in the water? With this product, you will not itch and scratch. I’m one of those people that itch and scratch if I don’t have a shower filter and at first, I didn’t realise that I was doing it, but then I would notice the marks on my body later on. That’s something to be aware of.

What Does This Shower Filter Mean For Your Hair?

We’ve had customers come to us and say, “Without your Vitamin C products, my hair turns green from the chlorine”.

There is no doubt, chlorine damages your hair! You only have to go swimming in a chlorinated pool to know this. Your hair gets stiff and dry, and it ruins any professional treatments you have had.

How does the Aroma Sense Shower Filter solve this?

With Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is well proven to neutralise chlorine in water.

The Real Value For Your Hair

The real value comes from saving time and money in maintaining your hair.

You will wash left often, use less product, and if you get your hair professionally done, your hair will be in better condition before you go, and your treatment will last longer.

How can this be?

Well, if you ‘treat’ your hair with chlorine once or twice a day, your hair is going to be more damaged than if you don’t. My partner is from Colombia, and in Colombia, they do not dose their water with as much chlorine as we do here in Australia. The downside is that they can’t drink the water out of the tap, but when she arrived, she and all her Colombian friends would complain about their hair and skin and how fast it dried out and got damaged compared to in Colombia. Chlorine damages your hair because it’s a potent chemical disinfectant used to kill living things, and your hair is no different.

What About Your Skin?

Your skin is no different. Treating your skin with chlorine will dry and damage your skin. Neutralising the chlorine with the Aroma Sense Shower Filter will make your skin smoother, softer, and more hydrated. You will use less skin product, and your skin will stay softer for longer.

The Shower Experience Of The Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Filter

We have used a lot of shower filters at My Water Filter, and the Aroma Sense Q Shower Head is unlike any other shower filter I have used before. I believe this is largely due to the patented triangle spray plate that creates this incredibly cylinder-like stream that wraps around your body. It’s very soft when it hits your body and is incomparable to most of the standard showerheads I’ve tried. This probably has something to do with the water spray pressure being up to 3 times greater than a normal shower, and that one the product is purposely designed to generate the same negative ions of a waterfall.

This shower filter creates an amazing shower experience - Period!

Adding Scents To Your Shower Experience (And Removing That Chlorine Smell)

One of the other great experiences this shower filter brings is the many different scents thanks to the Aroma Sense Essential Oils. It comes with the option of different scents, and they even offer an assorted pack so you can decide what you like.

Out of the box, there are 2 options: Lemon, which is the most popular and unscented for those who react to the oils in the scented vitamin C. Some people are very sensitive to the oils that make up the scents, and if that’s you, you can still use this product with an unscented cartridge and still get all the benefits of this shower filter.

Water Usage and Saving

The Aroma Sense Q is a 3-STAR WELS water rating product, and compared to the average nonrated shower head, for a family of 4, it will save up to 36000 Litres of water and save you about $100 as well.


The Aroma Sense Q Shower Head is very easy to install. We have an installation video that is less than 5 minutes long, so anyone can do it. If you are not the type of person to install a shower filter, then a friend or family member can help out. I wouldn’t say I’m a super handy person, and even I can do it. My sister is handier than I, and she can easily do it without any assistance.

Here is a video with Rod showing step by step how to install the Aroma Sense Q:

The Parts And The Design Of The Aroma Shower

Drill Free Wall Connector and Shower Hose

These only come with the full set version of the product. I recommend this version to save any hassles unless you are 100% sure about the strength of the holder on your shower rail.

The shower filter itself is made from 8 parts, including the cartridge, and I'll go through each one of those now.

The Handle

The handle holds the cartridge, and the cartridge needs to go in a certain way. You’ll notice that it has “in” and “out” written on it, so you can’t mess it up!

The Cartridge

The end with the opening in it is at the base of the handle where the hose connects, so the water goes straight into the cartridge. The cartridge has a very cool screw feature on the end to open for more Vitamin C or tighten for less. This dosage feature does, of course, have an impact on how long the cartridge lasts. The more Vitamin C you have going through, the sooner you will have to replace it.

Simply use a 5 or 10 cent coin to adjust the dosage of Vitamin C. I suggest you start it at the lowest and play with it, and see how it feels and then adjust as necessary.

Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C shower filter shower head cartridge adjustment

I found the lowest opening removed all the chlorine where I am, and I confirmed this with a chlorine test kit.

The Connection Between The Shower Handle and The Shower Head

The head of the shower filter has a chunky thread on it, making it very easy to take on and off to check the cartridge use. On first thought, I thought that not seeing the cartridge would be a downside, but because the thread is so good, it doesn’t feel that way and looks better because it has that full stainless steel look.

The Patented Spray Plate

The whole Shower Filter is made of stainless steel or metal except for the patented plate which sits on the very outer of the shower head.

Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C shower filter shower head patented spray plate

Due to the materials, the Shower Filter is very durable and long-lasting. This is good if you are in a hard water area and it gets stained and blocked by hard water because this product comes up good after a soak in vinegar and a good clean. Hard water will block up most things. I don’t get hard water where I live, but unless you are on rainwater, it’s unlikely you’ll get any stains.

Inside the Shower Head

Inside the shower head is the O-ring, then the micro fabric filter to block any sediment; before that are the antibacterial balls. The antibacterial balls will stop any bacteria build up inside your shower head.

Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Shower Filter shower head antibacterial ceramic balls

The Price

For a product that delivers on its promise when it comes to contamination removal, and over-delivers on the shower experience, this product is extremely well priced. It really is a life-changing experience once you have one, so the cost becomes insignificant, unlike other shower filters out there. To see the latest price, see below or click here

The Price To Replace Cartridges

The cartridges last around 3-4 months which means a cartridge pack lasts nearly a year. The cartridge pack prices are very reasonable for a shower filter and you can see the latest prices of the cartridges here.

When Would You Consider Getting One Of These Shower Filters?

If you itch and scratch in the shower or afterwards. If you have hair or skin problems. If you want to save money on hair and skin products and treatments. If you don’t like your current shower head (even if you already have a whole house water filter). If you want a luxurious shower experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; everyone deserves a great shower experience. Many of our reviews are written by men, so think again if you think this is just for the ladies. Who doesn’t want to have an outstanding shower experience?

My Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve learned a lot reading this aroma sense shower head review - it’s a great shower filter. It could be the best shower filter in the world. We’ve tried a lot, and this is at the top!

It’s good value and does the job in style and makes your everyday shower experience even better. I can personally recommend this shower because it's what I use, and is one of the best shower filters I’ve ever tried.

If you have any questions about the Aroma Sense Q Shower Head, please feel free to contact us.

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