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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And we just ducked into the shower to have a quick look and do a quick little video for you on the Aroma Sense Q shower hose, shower filter, okay? Now, this is an absolute ripper.

Tried it myself and highly recommend it, alright? Comes in two designs. And one is complete with a shower hose, the fitting to go on the wall, everything that you need to set it up. If you've already got a shower hose connected but maybe you don't like your shower head or you want a filter or you just want to have an amazing shower with ions, then just grab the actual shower filter handle shower head itself.

And forget the hose and the other parts and you'll be good to go. This one's brand new. We're just gonna open it up here now. So, you can see what you've got and what will arrive when it arrives at your home. And obviously, there's the first part, and it's actually the shower and the shower head.

So, if you only wanna go for a shower head, that's you, okay? And you're existing shower hose will connect straight onto there, hook into the existing hole on top of the wall, and there you'll have it, just a beautiful, magnificent shower, okay? In this instance here today, we've got the full kit, okay? So, we'll open the full kit. And then, after we've got through the kit, we'll have a look at the cartridges available, as well.

So, here's the pad that stops the sediment, lumps and bumps, et cetera, in the water. That will get inserted inside the head there, as well. And here's a hose, ready to flow the water through to the shower head. It comes with a cartridge. So, if you just buy the box, it'll come with a cartridge. Put that filter cartridge in and you're good to get going and start rolling. Little booklet, instructions. And we'll do a video for you so you can see.

But when you can just flick open, you'll be able to come inside there, there's a great, little diagram on how it all goes together, okay? So, take a look at that, if you need. And then, the main part is the holder. Then, this holder will connect up on top of the wall. We'll do that in a minute, as well.

And then, that shower is just gonna sit straight into it and be held into place, okay? So, we'll just have a quick look at that. And we'll pull him apart. Okay. So, what we might do here, is we'll do it in order for you so we can see how we go, okay? So, basically, you'll be pulling your own shower off the wall.

And when you do so, this will be the new part to go on. So, once you pull the old shower off the wall, it'll expose a half inch male BSP thread. And a little bit a thread tape around that thread. And then, you're gonna screw this straight on. And it'll attach here, it'll screw on.

We got a washer to go in the bottom there, to create to a good seal in the hose. And this is the holder to put the shower head in. As you can see, we can bend it around. And it will move wherever we need it to go. Quite stiff, just like that 'cause it's brand new. But it definitely moves wherever we need that one to go, okay? Cool, cool.

From there, we've got the hose. Pretty straight forward. You know, a shower hose is a shower hose, in a way. This good square end. The end will out of here, just screws out. And that there is gonna screw straight up onto the bottom here, okay? Like so. This other end will pull off. Once again, end's gonna screw out. It's already got a rubber in there.

So, we won't worry about the second rubber. And that's just gonna screw straight onto the shower head. Simple as that. And she's all done and she's ready to go, okay? This one here is the microfiber pad. And it stops the sediment, lumps and bumps, in the water. And we'll insert that inside the head of the shower. Simply just unscrews like so. You can maybe hear the mineral beads inside rattling around. Lift him off. Microfiber pad goes in.

Mineral beads back on top. And we screw it on. Beautiful. Just the way we like it, not too tight. Firm and tight. And it's nicely on there, okay? Now, what we'll do is we'll pull the handle off in a second. And we'll insert the cartridge. You're gonna need a pair of scissors. Just cut the end off. There's the cartridge. When this cartridge is empty, it will be empty. It'll just be clear and you'll be able to see straight through it.

And you'll know that it's all used and it's plain done. But as you can see today, she's solid and full of mineral there. Ready to go, okay? So, just gonna unscrew the handle away from the head. Comes off very easy, okay? There's our vitamin C cartridge. And we're gonna pop that back in there. Somewhere on here, it does actually say. It's got a couple of arrows and it says, "In" and "Out". So, it only goes one way.

So, in, and we'll put it straight in like so. We drop him down. It's got a good thread on there. A good, chunky thread, screws back on. I rig this up to seal, we lock him up tight, okay? That's basically the principal of it. And then, as you see, we just put the cartridge in.

Now, there's a fair few ranges of cartridges with those, okay? And different ways that you can purchase them. This one here is assorted. So, it's got three different flavors of cartridges inside. Good one to start with so that you can have a try of it and see which one you do like, alright?

Let's be honest, the most popular one, by far, is the lemon. And it's the one I use and it's an absolute beauty, alright? We've also got rose flavored. Eucalyptus flavored, okay? And some people even use this one. This is a scent free one.

So, it's just 100% vitamin C. There's no essential minerals or perfumes or anything in it. So, very therapeutic. Just beautiful, 100% vitamin C, okay? So, take a look and have a try. Thank you.

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