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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is have a quick look at a mechanical constant flowing water filter versus a gravity water filter, okay? Now, if you're a single person in a home, even a couple of people, something like this might work well for you, okay? And these are great little systems here, cause they are very clean and neat and easy to use, you can upgrade to the quality cartridge it'll take out the fluoride and heavy metals and things like that. When you fill the top tank in one of these gravity filters, the candle in the top will generally filter the water in about 1 liter per hour. So you fill the top tank up before you go to bed, come out in the morning, and the bottom tank's beautiful, full of nice filtered water. And they do create nice water as well.

So, great just for drinking water, and highly recommended. This system over here, this is mechanical filter, and it connects onto the spout of the kitchen sink tap. And basically, once you connect this under the kitchen tap spout, turn on the cold water, and the water will drop straight into the sink like it always did. When you want to get water out of the filter, you just simply lift up the diverter lever like so, and the water stops flowing in the sink, and travels through the white pipe, through the filters and it gets filtered and we have quality drinking water flowing out of the spout here. Now these are a little better, if you've got a family, children, things like that, or else mom's the one always filling up the gravity filter, and it hasn't really got the volume there to keep the quality water up for the whole family.

Another thing that's great with these here is, you basically turn the kitchen tap on, and this things gonna start flowing. And it'll just keep on going. It'll just keep on flowing. So, you can use it for washing fruit and veggies and stuff like that. Whereas you haven't really got the volume over here. So you can just wash everything while you're making food and cooking and stuff like that. And it really is a great way to go, it just won't stop. So, that's the main things I find with these, there is a lot of different cartridges available that can go into a mechanical cartridge like this.

So you can change them, you can have one housing, two housing or three housing or four, and put whatever cartridges in it you like. Whereas these ones here really got the standard cartridges and they're really filtering the water for you and taking the contamination out. But there are a cheap way to have a good quality filter and we do like these systems. So give us a yell if you wanna have a chat about it, the best thing, the best solution for yourself, but these mechanical filters here are great, as the water will just keep on pouring, and you'll never run out of water. Good luck, thanks very much.