Water Filter Comparison - Under Sink RO Water Filter Vs. Benchtop RO Water Filter [VIDEO]

In this article, we compare an Under Sink RO Water Filter with a Benchtop RO Water Filter.

You’ll be able to decide which is the best RO Water Filter for your kitchen.

The funny thing about these two is the quality of water that they make is very similar. They've both got a membrane inside of them, which filter right down to 0.0001 microns. Both systems will take all the nasties out of the water, including fluoride and chlorine.

Now, Under Sink or Benchtop? That is the question!

Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Water Filters - For Renters And Anyone Moving Around

Anybody can take care of a Bench Top Reverse Osmosis system! It has three pipes, and it's very simple.

If you want a portable system, if you're renting or moving around a lot, this is an absolute great system to buy!

The diverter screws onto most kitchen spouts after the aerator is removed. The diverter is used to divert water through to the filter or straight through to the faucet bypassing the filter.

When you want the system to make water, we’ll lift the lever, and the water will start flowing through the RO system. Once the water goes through the system, it is split into two parts.

Water flowing out of the black hose is contaminated water and goes down the drain.

The Blue hose is the pure water that the RO Water Filter has beautifully treated.

Depending on the water pressure in the home, the Benchtop RO system will make about 200mls of pure water per minute.

Then you need something to store it in. A 20-litre container with a tap on the bottom is a great option. Alternatively, a ceramic urn or jug. Anything that we can fill up with this beautiful, precious water and store it until you need it because it does take time to turn it on and fill your glass and your cups. If you're reloading the kettle, you want to make the water and have the water ready to go into a 20-litre container.

Benchtop Reverse Osmosis systems make fantastic water, and they work very well.

Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems - For Home Owners and Permanent Arrangments

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Under Sink systems are generally used by homeowners and a plumber can install them in less than an hour.

The big difference with an Under Sink system is a sizeable 12L tank for water storage.

Even though the Under Sink RO has the same filtration rate of 200ml an hour, you’ll always have nine plus litres on hand to drink at any given time, thanks to the storage tank. The Under Sink version is best for families who use the water frequently.

Every time you turn on the kitchen faucet, the bag inside the tank will push water out for you.

Once the water comes out of the system, it will go through the alkaliser on the top to put some mineral back into the water. Because RO systems are so good, they take everything out of the water - even the good stuff! That’s when the pH level drops. So after we run the water through the alkaliser or remineraliser, you get the water back up to 7 or above.

Then finally, the water goes through carbon to polish it up for drinking.

Benchtop systems are generally cheaper to buy, and you can install them yourself. Under Sink systems are a little bit more expensive and can be installed by you or a plumber. Click here to see the video installation tutorial for a Reverse Osmosis system.

We hope that helps you understand a little more about Under Sink and Benchtop Reverse Osmosis systems and the differences between them.

Click here to see our Reverse Osmosis Buyers guide.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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