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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we wanna have a look at, is the Corosex cartridge, okay. Now, it's just a pretty plain white boring looking filter, really but it does do an incredible job for those people that require it. So the situation is, normally, acidic water and we want to get it back to alkaline pH, around the seven mark. So the situation is probably rainwater and you're running the water into your kitchen and you want to get a filter for it.

If you've got a concrete water tank outside, the lime's leeching out of the wall, into the water, the water's probably already gonna have a pH of around the seven mark neutral, so you're good to go, get yourself an ultrapure water filter cartridge. 99.9999% pathogenic bugs and bacteria removal and you'll be good to go. But, if you've still got the acidic water, it's just not good for people to be drinking acidic water for an extended period of time so we wanna try and get it up to be at least a seven pH and how we can achieve that is with calcite corosex alright. So what we do here and what we have here, this is our calcite corosex cartridge.

We put it in the water filters, it's in the ultrapure range and basically, one third calcite, a third corosex, third GAC, it's granular activated carbon, sweeten it up, polish the water, give it a nice bit of taste. So, what we do with these, is if you've got some water filtration outside, even just a sediment cartridge, so the tank, the pump and a bit of sediment filtration into the house, you can just go with the twin system and you put the calcite corosex cartridge into one side, normally here, position one, the water will come in, go through the calcite cartridge, it's already been pre-filtered for sediment outside, it'll elevate the pH of the water up to seven, flows over into the ultrapure, stops any bugs, any metals, anything that could be in the water, washing off the roof, besides pesticides or you name it, and now, we've just got beautiful, perfect drink water on the other side.

If you don't have sediment protection out in the front, stop the lumps and bumps and the mud coming in, you don't really wanna force that sort of sediment into one of these cartridges, they really do work best if you've got a form of sediment protection in front of them. So, I'll just say, grab a triple and then in the triple, the first stage, we just put a nice little polyspun sediment cartridge in there, that'll fall front, that'll block all the rubbish and that will leave the cartridge number two for the corosex, elevate pH, over into the ultrapure, clean it up, stop the bugs, you've got beautiful water. Now, you can sort of see here, this pretty plain cartridge, you see on the bottom, it does say, made in the USA, it's stamped into the bottom, omnipure USA, at the top it says, this way up, so it's got to go this way up, if you've got a bench top cartridge, they are undersink upside down, so on bench tops, this way up goes down.

But, normally that's how I install under the sink, this way up, okay, water just comes in at the bottom, all the media's inside, the water elevates up through the media, dissolves, the water grabs what it needs what it's hungry for, elevate the pH, flows out the top and then flows over to the next cartridge. So if you've got acidic water and you wanna polish it up, get it up to a pH which is alkaline, seven and above, then, take a look at this corosex cartridges of beauty.

Thank you very much.