[VIDEO] Corosex pH Neutralisation Water Filter Cartridge - Product Spotlight

The Calcite Corosex cartridge is the perfect solution for acidic water. Utilising the free carbon dioxide in water, the Calcite Corosex cartridge corrects acidic water conditions and raises the pH, making your water far less corrosive.

Calcite Corosex

If you have acidic water and want to neutralise it, the Calcite Corosex cartridge will do do a great job.

It’s essential to understand the water coming out of your rainwater tank. If you have a concrete water tank, the water you have in your home is likely neutral pH or above, so you won’t need to do anything to it. But if you’re working with a tank of different material and still have acidic water running into your home, you’ll want to get one of these.

The Corosex fits inside 10-inch Benchtop and Under Sink Water Filters.

Suppose you've got an external water filter outside at your water tank, even just a sediment cartridge. In that case, you can just go with a twin system on the benchtop or under the sink and put the calcite corosex cartridge into position 1. The water will come in, go through the calcite cartridge and elevate the pH of the water up to seven.

It then flows into the ultrapure cartridge and stops any bugs, metals, and other contaminants in the water, leaving you with beautiful drinking water on the other side.

If You Don’t Have A Sediment Filter At Your Water Tank

If you don't have sediment protection before the water flows into the home, we wouldn’t recommend running the water straight into a Calcite Corosex cartridge first up, as this would likely render it far less effective. They work best if you’ve got some form of sediment protection in front of them.

In this case, you would utilise a Triple Stage Benchtop or Under Sink Water Filter.

In position 1, you would install a Sediment cartridge to remove all the lumps and bumps.

In position 2, you’d have your Calcite Corosex to raise the pH.

In position 3, you’d have an Ultrapure cartridge to clean it up, stop the bugs, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc, and make your water taste great.

So if you've got acidic water and you want to raise the pH to alkaline, get a Calcite Corosex cartridge working for you - they do a fantastic job! Click here to see our full collection of Benchtop cartridges and Under Sink cartridges.

We created a guide to knowing your water pH, and you can read it now, here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

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