Best Water For Your Coffee?

We all know that to get a good cup of coffee, you need high-quality beans and a great coffee machine or maker, but a crucial element that is often overlooked is water quality.

There is nothing worse than chlorine taste and odour ruining a glass of water, let alone a cup of coffee.

Heavy metals are harmful to the body too, and real coffee connoisseurs know that hard water can make a big difference over soft water. ​​


What Is The Best Water For Coffee?

While it is commonly believed that distilled water is the best for coffee machines, certain hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium have been shown to help the extraction process and significantly enhance the flavour of your coffee.

In addition, it's essential to remove all contaminants that ruin the taste or harm the body, such as chlorine, fluoride, metals, viruses, bacteria and pesticides, etc.

These common tap water contaminants certainly make a dirty difference to the taste of any beverage.

The reason why people opt for distilled water in coffee machines is that calcium and magnesium can sometimes build up inside appliances, reducing their lifespan.

drinking-coffeeOrdinary Tap Water

The most common solution for providing water to many coffee machines is, unfortunately just ordinary tap water. While this might not seem like a big issue, chlorine and other contaminants change the taste significantly.

In some areas across Australia, you can smell the chlorine as soon as you bring the water near your face.


Filtered Water

The best way to get excellent results when making coffee is to use your own filtered water. If you have a coffee made with filtered water right next to a coffee made with tap water and tasted them both - you’d be able to tell the difference between them easily.

A high-quality water filter can make the tap water taste great without removing any of the good minerals. A benchtop or undersink water filter will create the perfect water for most average-sized kitchen coffee machines but you may need to call a plumber if you plan on building it all in under the sink.

All in all, so long as you remove the nastiest contaminants with a water filter, your coffee will taste much better than the rest - who don’t use a water filter!

Even a simple benchtop gravity filter with an Ultraceram fluoride removal candle in it will create noticeable results with a $49 percolator from coles or the op shop.

If you need any help choosing a filter best water filter for your coffee machine, please contact us.

We’d love to help.


Try It Yourself

It can be surprising to find out that your water quality can make such a big difference to the taste of coffee or tea, but many of our customer reviews reinforce this.

Your coffee and tea will automatically improve when you remove chlorine from your water.



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