[VIDEO] Cartridge Replacement and Flushing Guide for Non-Fluoride Removal Ultrapure Water Filter Systems

Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is have a quick look at installing and flushing your cartridges in your Ultrapure Aragon Water Filtration System. This is when there is no fluoride cartridge involved. There's no fluoride cartridge in these systems and this is the process to flush them.

Differences between types of systems?

It doesn't matter if it's a Benchtop, single Benchtop, triple Benchtop, Under sink single, Under sink twin, Under sink triple; They're all flushed the same way.

When you go to change the cartridges in your water filter, we take all the cartridges out and then put all the new cartridges in, turn the water on and give it a good flush for five or ten minutes.

Sediment Cartridge

Sediment cartridge

The Sediment Cartridge has holes in either end. This simply allows it to go in any orientation in one of the housings.

Aragon Cartridge

Aragon cartridge

The Aragon Cartridge is the same, holes on each end. It goes in any of these systems in any direction.

Alkaline Cartridge

Alkaline cartridge

When you have an Alkaline Cartridge or a pH Neutralization Cartridge, The rubber washer should always face down on Benchtop systems and face up on Undersink systems.

Changing the first housing

Sediment cartridge replacement

Take off the first housing, pull out any cartridge and put in the new Sediment Cartridge, tighten up the housing.

Changing the second housing

Aragon cartridge replacement

Remove the Aragon from the second housing, throw out the old cartridge, install the new one. And we simply tighten up and screw on the housing.

Changing the third housing

Alkaline cartridge replacement

Housing number three could either be the alkaline, or the low alkaline cartridge. Simply take off the housing, get your Alkaline or Low Alkaline Cartridge.

Tighten the housing with the Housing Removal Tool

Housing removal tool

We get our housing tool, we gently tighten up all three housings, and we've now replaced all the cartridges.

We simply turn the water on, and we flush all the cartridges together in one go for five to ten minutes. After that period of time, cartridges have had a good flush, everything's wet, and you're good to go, and you can use your water filter. Enjoy.

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