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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter back again and what we're gonna do now with the Aroma Sense Q shower filter, we're gonna replace the cartridge in it. And the pack of cartridge that we've got here, is the assorted, so it's got three different flavors, three different types inside and we'll show you how we install one in the shower here today.

So obviously, top stuck on, wrapped up to well till the package is sent and we have the three different cartridges here, Eucalyptus, Rose and Lemon, okay so, we'll go with the lemon. So just get your scissors, just cut the plastic off the end and there we have it, there's our cartridge. You can see on the end here it says, in and out, so when we put it in there, we have to put it in the right way.

So, fairly simple operation, water's off obviously. Pull it out, you can put the hose and hang it down, because the hose could be full of water, and we'll just let all the water run out before we start. Lift him out, this is the handle, hose, hose joined on the handle, handle head, the head will just simply unscrew very simply.

Inside, is a cartridge, this is a pretty new shower, so this is a new cartridge, it will be clear when you're finished with it, you'll be able to see straight through it, there'll be no orange, no red, no green, no color.

Here's the new one, as we see, have a look at it, in and out, this is the in end, so we're gonna put it straight in, in she goes, shower head, it's got a good chunky thread in the top there, so it does remove and replace quite easily.

It's just locked on there, simple as that, locked on. That's how easy it is, you just drop the new cartridge in there whenever it's required and however we go again.

Slip him back in, adjust it for a nice height, ready to go, enjoy.