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Good day, folks! Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is just have a look at how to change the cartridge in your Water Filter Australia Vanity Basin Filter. OK, so it's the little filter you can see here goes up underneath the Vanity basin so it gets rid of all that horrible chlorine when you're washing your hands and face and brushing your teeth every night time, OK. So, very simple little system. If you've got it installed then you've got that far.

Here's one here we pulled out of the cupboard so we can see. Obviously, water-in, water-out as normal. How we do it is we turn the cartridge just a little turn and we pull it straight down, alright.

When it goes back up inside, you turn it around 'til you find the spot where it locks in. You push it straight up and you just give it a little turn and it's on. That's it. She's all over. So, that's the one that was under the sink, here's our new replacement cartridge today.

So, we'll just open that one up. The first thing we're gonna find is our little water filter monitor. Set that today, stick it under the sink, 12/11 months time it'll be going off; time for a new cartridge, OK. Written instructions, that's all we need. So, here's the instructions, how to do it, alright. Step one: go outside, turn off the mains water. Or, if you've got a little tap under here turn off the mains water, hit the faucet, it'll shoot out, as the water pressure's dying the pressure will die down.

Once the water in the house falls away because it's turned off out the front, water'll stop. Soon as the water stops, the pressure's off the system, we've got to change the cartridge. Alright, there's some instructions here, it's basically just gonna redefine what we're already doing and you'll be able to see. Cap comes off the cartridge, it's on there for protection in transport, that sort of thing, and that's the new one that we're gonna put on.

So, you reach up under the cupboard, turn the cartridge, give it a wriggle and pull him out. That's the old one, got the new cartridge. Off with the protective cap, inspect the top, make sure the 'O' rings are on there and they're looking OK and we're happy. Insert it underneath the head you'll turn it until it fits into place. Push it up, turn it, locked on, she's done. That's a simple cartridge replacement. Turn the water back on, go out the front and turn the water on.

Open the tap, run it for a couple of minutes, flush the water through it, get all the air, the oxygen, the bubbles coming out the tap so we got a full water flow again. Let it run for a little minute just in case there's a few carbon fines or anything in the filter.

Just drop that down the drain and then, pretty much, after that you're good to go. Good luck, thank you.