How to change the cartridge in your Alkaway Ultrastream Water Filter

In this article we will show you how simple it is to replace the cartridge in the Alkaway Ultrastream Water Filter. It should take less than 5 minutes. 

The model you can see in the video below is a benchtop model.

How To Replace The Cartridge In The Alkaway Ultrastream Water Filter.

      1. Pull the nozzle off the top of the Alkaway.
      2. Remove the black cap from the Alkaway too.
      3. Remove the stainless steel housing.
      4. Unscrew the cartridge and lift it off the base.
      5. Screw in the new cartridge until firm.
      6. Put the stainless steel cover, cap and nozzle back on.
      7. Run water through the system for 10 minutes to flush and remove any unwanted residual inside the cartridge.
      8. Enjoy your freshly filtered alkaline water.

Alkaway Ultrastream.

The UltraStream is the first-ever natural water ioniser proven to infuse massive amounts of beneficial hydrogen gas into your purified drinking water. In fact, in normal daily use, it’s been tested and shown to give three times more hydrogen than an electric water ioniser that almost cost ten times the price! That’s 10,000 times the hydrogen gas in tap water.

It also infuses magnesium into your water – something impossible for an electric system. Research shows that bioavailability for magnesium increases when we get it from water instead of food.

And you can forget about wasted water, diodes, solenoids, plates, titanium, and transformers.

The Ultrastream has changed all the rules in the water industry for the better.

Alkaway Ultrastream Replacement Filter.

The Alkaway Ultrastream Cartridges use the best media in the world.

Far More Than Just An Ordinary Water Filter.

      • University tested for the life of the filter.
      • US made and patented Spartan catalytic carbon plus KDF (Kinetic Diffusion Fluxion) patented heavy metal media.
      • Fluoride reduction up to 80%
      • Filtration last up to 12 months / 3,000 litres

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