[VIDEO] How to Change the Cartridge in your City Water Protector

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water filter here today. And we're gonna have a look at the City Water Protector, okay? Just changing the cartridges in it. It's a pretty simple one, a little fiddly, but we'll have a look and we'll sort it out for you, okay? So button on either end, press it. Lid's off, very simple, off with the top, okay? This is the diverter. It's connected under the kitchen sink tap. Pull it out, cold water flows to the water filter, okay? So it's done a few miles, you can see it's a little bit dirty. But a good one to give you a demo with today. Basically, water's flowing in from the kitchen sink tap and it's coming in through the white connection, flows up, here's our sediment cartridge here. Water flows through, takes all the sediment, lumps and bumps out of the water and then cleans it up. Flows through there, it goes to the cartridge underneath. It's a bigger, fatter cartridge, and the bigger fatter cartridge here underneath. It's good to take out the chlorine and the chemical out of the water, okay? From there, you can see on this end, the water does a u-shape, over to the other large cartridge on the bottom.

This second large cartridge is our fluoride removal cartridge. And then from there, the water flows up to the top, on our last cartridge; chloramines out of the water. Polishing the water up nicely. After the fluoride removal, polish it up nicely for us to drink. Basically from here, flows out the blue pipe here that was a bit stiff to come off, and out of the diverter into your glass for drinking, okay? Now, when you change the cartridges in this, you're probably gonna be most commonly, people are gonna be changing them all at once, So my thought is to get a texter, just get a black pen, and start here with the white connection where the water comes in, and follow the water line, okay? And, basically, we're coming around, and it's gonna be point number one.

So we give it a one. Water's flowing through the system to point number two. It's flowing around and down into the bottom here, we'll just give it a three, and a four. From that chloride cartridge, it flows across into our fluoride at five, through the fluoride to six, from the fluoride up into the last chloramine, carbon, seven, and flows out at eight, okay? So we've now just put a series of numbers all over that filter, and it's basically just so that we don't mess anything up when we pull it apart and we know where we're going. So then I'll just have the cartridges next to me, sitting on the bench. And, we're gonna pull them apart. If you're really serious, you can put little marks where your clips clip on, just to get it right. But, I'm sure once you've done these once or twice, you'll get the hang of it, okay? So, same with any cartridge, we've got the red clips on. We can just pull the red clips off, they come out very easily, once the red clips are off, we're pulling out the water pipes, okay?

Now, to pull out the water pipe, we're basically gonna press on the collar, okay? Press on the collar, the pipe pulls straight out. When we we gotta put 'em back together, we can just get 'em, press 'em in 1 1/2 centimeters push 'em right in, they're locked in, red clip goes on, they'll never come out. But, to get that blue pipe out, it'll never just pull out, you've got to push the collar in, all right? Push that collar in, it'll come straight off. If we don't push the collar in, you'll just never pull it off. Push the collar in, comes straight off. Happens the same with all of them. So we mark 'em up, sediment first, carbon second, and as we pull 'em off, we just change the cartridge, dispose of the old one or put it out the road so you don't get it mixed up.

They do have a direction of flow on them, so adhere to that and make sure that you've got the direction of flow in the right direction. But if you've numbered it one, two, three, four, through to eight, that is the direction of flow, okay? One to two, water's flowing right to left. Seven to eight it's going back down the other way. So just take a look at the direction of flow, and you'll be good to go, okay? So, basically, get your cartridges ready, push 'em in 1 1/2 centimeters, and that's it, they're on there, they'll never pull out, okay? Strong as anything. Push on the collar. It'll come out very, very easily, okay? So I'll just put this one back in here together. Take it easy on the clips, don't squash your finger in 'em. Okay, there's a red clip, we'll just put that on there. Lock them into place. Yep, that's good, and there's one on there. Okay, so, the City Water Protector that's how we just change the cartridges over. Thanks very much.