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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter, back in the shower again, and what we're gonna do is replace the cartridge inside the Sprite shower hose filter, okay? Very, very simple. And this is how they come packaged up. Retail packed, nice, ready to go, all right? Now, what we're gonna do here, the cartridge is sitting inside the cylinder, so we're just simply gonna undo it.

We're even gonna leave the shower hose on there, all right? That's how easy it is. Pull it off. There she is. Sprite original shower filter cartridge. Now these are reversible, and I think it even says on the cartridge itself or in the wrapping there that you can, you can reverse these every 30 days.

They're a three month cartridge, but you can just pull it out, turn it over, and put it back in, every 30 days, and that will help it last and give you better water and better filtration. So, if you want to do that, just exactly what we're doing. We pull it out, you'll turn it over, you put the cartridge back in, slide him up.

Simple as that folks. Tighten you up so that rubber A ring there seals up. Beautiful, thank you.