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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're gonna do is just have a quick cartridge replacement change on the Water Filter Australia HiFlow Under Sink water filter, okay? Now the situation is there's two types of high flow systems, one micron and the harsh water five micron, okay. Currently we've pulled this one out the cupboard, and we've got the one micron filter replacement here, and we're gonna swap that over.

And as you can see, we've got the one micron and the HiFlow here, and it doesn't matter, they're both interchangeable. And what we'll do here is take off the one, and we'll put the five micron on, okay. So what we're gonna do, we'll open him up, I'll give you a look inside the box. First thing that you'll come across, is the filter change instructions and a little bit of information and some diagrams, and basically it just tells you how to change the cartridge. So step one changing the cartridge, nip out the front, go to the water main and turn off the water main tap. So we've got no water coming into the house.

Come back inside, hit the tap, you'll turn it on, it'll flow fast, as the pressure's wearing out it'll die down, then you'll have no water coming out the tap. When that happens, means that the water's stopped entering your home and the water pressure's died down, and you're good to go, okay. So at that point in time we can change the cartridge. This is the cartridge that comes in this box. And the only other thing that comes in the box is the filter life monitor. So you can reset your new filter life monitor and put it in here up under the sink. It'll go off in 11 months time. You'll know it's time to get your new cartridge.

So here we go with this one here now. So we're gonna take this one off, and put this one on, okay. So basically you get it, and it's just a little turn to the left and it pulls straight down. Take that one off, got the new one. Black cap off the top. Take a look at the two o rings and the nipple on the top to make sure it's not damaged and it's in good condition and it's all sitting in place, and it's good to go on, which this one is.

Basically get the filter, push it up into the head. Soon as it pushes in turn it, it's locked on. We just took off a one micron, we've put on the harsh water one, five micron. Just so you can see that they're compatible with the heads and they all fit. And that's how easy it is. Once that's on you can then, obviously it's all done under the sink, normally with the connections fitted up and everything, so once it's done, out the front, turn the water back on, come inside, turn it on, bleed the air through it, and basically the water will be going through this filter.

You might see a few little bits of carbon, black carbon fines come out, that'll only take a minute. But then as soon as that's flushed, the water's filtering and it's good to go. It'll probably get better over a few days as the carbon activates and settles in, starts to filter the water properly.

But once it's on there, you're better than tap water and you'll be good to go. No worries. Thanks very much.