[VIDEO] How To Change The Cartridge In The HiFlow Inline Water Filter System

In this article, you will learn how to replace the cartridge in your HiFlow Inline Water Filter System.

There are two types of high flow systems; 1 micron and the five micron for harsh water.

As you can see in the video below, we've got the 1 micron and the HiFlow here, and they're both interchangeable.

Before You Start:

Turn off the main water supply and release the pressure in the system.

HiFlow Under Sink Inline Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Instructions:

      1. Turn on the tap and let the pressure release from the system.
      2. Turn the cartridge anticlockwise to loosen and pull down to remove the old cartridge.
      3. Take the black cap off the new cartridge.
      4. Push the replacement cartridge up into the head and turn clockwise to lock it in.
      5. Turn your main water supply back on.
      6. Turn the tap on to bleed the air through it and leave it running for a couple of minutes to remove excess carbon and flush out any carbon residue.
      7. Pour yourself a glass of water and enjoy the refreshing taste of world-class water.

The HiFlow Inline Water Filter System is designed to fit straight onto your existing main water line and filter all the water from your current kitchen tap. There is no need for a second filtered water tap. A fantastic new development in home water filtration. All the water flowing from your kitchen tap can now be chlorine-free healthy filtered water.

      • Fast filtered water from the kitchen mixer tap.
      • Connects directly to the kitchen mixer tap, no separate tap required.
      • Filter system is concealed under the kitchen bench
      • Up to 4 x faster than traditional filter systems
      • Cartridge life of up to 12 months with easy replacement
      • High performance filtration, certified to remove/reduce sediment, chlorine, bad taste, odours and cysts, including giardia and cryptosporidium

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