[VIDEO] How to change the cartridge in your Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

In this article, you’ll discover how easy it is to replace the cartridges in your Multi-Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Filter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a six or seven-stage system; it isn’t as difficult to replace the cartridges as it may look.

Cartridge Replacement Process

Before you start, clear a space on your benchtop with enough room to put all your parts. Remember that it’s important not to touch a ceramic cartridge with your hands.

      1. Lift off the top tank and place it to the side, on the bench.
      2. Lift out the centre plate and mineral pad.
      3. Wipe out the bottom tank.
      4. Rinse your new mineral pad under the tap or in a bucket of water.
      5. Put your new mineral pad into the bottom tank.
      6. Unscrew the old centre cartridge and dispose of it.
      7. Rinse your new cartridge under the tap or in a bucket.
      8. Screw the cartridge into the centre plate, with the plate resting on the bench, so it goes in straight.
      9. Unscrew the nut on the bottom of your top candle, and pull out your old candle for disposal.
      10. Without touching the ceramic candle with your fingers, rinse off the new candle before putting it into the top tank.
      11. Insert your new candle, making sure the thread is in the centre of the hole.
      12. Screw the nut on the bottom, securing the candle to the tank.
      13. Put the top tank on top of your bottom tank.

Congratulations, now you’ve successfully replaced your cartridges.

 Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filter cartridge replacement pack

If you notice the water is a little slow going through the first time, that’s normal. This is just because there is a lot of air inside the cartridges when they are new.

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Want To Upgrade The Quality Of Your Water?

The candle that comes with your multi-stage water filter is good, but it’s not awesome like the Ultrapure candle is.

The best way to upgrade the taste and purity of your drinking water is to purchase an Ultapure candle when it’s time for your next cartridge replacement.

The Ultrapure candle (also known as the Ultraceram) is one of the most effective gravity filter candles on the market today, simply because of the impressive test results. The water you can create with this candle alone is well above average.

It’s one of the few candles around that remove fluoride.

Ultraceram cartridge for the  Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

The Ultrapure candle removes:

      • Bugs and Bacteria up to 99.9%
      • Heavy Metals up to 99%
      • Fluoride up to 97.5%
      • Chlorine & Chloramines up to 99.9%
      • and more.

To see the complete list of contaminants that the Ultrapure/Ultraceram candle removes, click here to check out the Ultraceram Candle Product Spotlight or watch the video below.

You will discover why the Ultraceram is the best candle to be using.

If you have any questions about what we’ve covered in this article, please feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to help.

Product Update:

We no longer stock the six and seven stage Multi-Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity units. If you are looking for a new high-performance benchtop water filter, please check out our Benchtop Gravity Water Filters collection.

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