[VIDEO] How to change the cartridge in your Multi Use pH Elevation Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is a quick cartridge replacement. Six-stage, seven-stage, multi-use, pH benchtop gravity water filters, okay? Very similar. Cartridges come in and out the same way. Very easy to change. So, what we'll do is start with the six-stage here, okay? Top tank lifts off very easily. Just gonna sit him off to the side for a minute. We'll come back to that one. Lift out our middle center plate.

It's got the bottom carbon cartridge in it. And here's our mineral pad, okay? So basically, when you pull it out, you might want to give it a bit of a wipe out, get some lemon in the water. Just give it a good wipe and clean out, okay? Get a new mineral pad. Give it a rinse around, wash it around in a bucket of water. Get the carbon fines out of it, etc. Sit it in the bottom. In the bottom of the six, in the bottom of the seven. The mineral pad will just sit in the bottom.

If you don't like the minerally flavor into your water, no problem. Don't renew it. Take it out when you buy it, whatever you like. Just have a taste. Most people love these things, but we're all different. So, replace or don't replace. Next stage is to replace the center hang-down carbon cartridge with minerals, okay? Now, very easy. We just unscrew it. We'll just turn at the screw. Just screws straight out of the pad plate like so. This is the box it'll come in.

Once again, it's gonna have little fines in it. Carbon fines, and mineral fines from the stone bouncing around in delivery to your home, and even while they're being manufactured and made. So what we'll do with this one as well, is we'll get this, and we'll swirl it round in a bucket, or put it under the kitchen tap, get the water flowing through it, and just rinse all the fines out of it. So when you put it in your filter, it's all nice and clean and ready to go, okay? So, we get hold of the carbon filter.

Get the plate, turn the plate upside down. Just find it easier to screw in. Then when you put the cartridge on, it just seems to be easier way to screw the cartridge into the center plate, okay? It does have to go on nice and straight, or it's not gonna screw up properly and seal the water, okay? So just take your time with it, and you will get it in, no worries at all. Just make sure it's nice and straight. Lock him up. Not crazy tight, but lock it up to seal around the lip. We're locked on and good.

Once again, six-stage that we're doing now. Seven-stage is exactly the same. Screws on the bottom, you're good to go. Lift him up. Put him back into place. Make sure it's pressed down and solid. And we're good to go, okay? That brings us to the last stage. Changing the ceramic candle, okay? Now, we just got the nut on the bottom. Ceramic candle in the top. I generally try not to touch the ceramic candles with my hands, because of the oil in your fingers, that sort of stuff.

You don't want it getting into the ceramic. But, this is an old one that we're throwing away so I'm not too concerned about this one today. But we will take care of the new one as we're installing the new one. So we just undo the nut off the bottom. We pull him out. We can dispose of the old one. Get our new one. Once again, just protect this cartridge. Take care of the ceramic, okay? Now, this is the same as the other cartridges. It's been processed by machines.

And, there can be little fine ceramic on the outside of the cartridge. Take the cartridge, swirl it around in a bucket, run water over it, whatever you like, just to rinse it off. That's all you're doing is just rinsing it off, okay. Once you've given it a rinse, take the nut off. One washer stays on the cartridge, around the thread. We pick him up. Insert it through the hole. And make sure that the stem of the thread is in the center of the hole.

Then you get the best seal around the washer because it's nice and centralized, okay? I normally turn it upside down like so. Just hold him there, so that the thread's coming right up the center. Then we'll screw the nut on. We'll just continue to screw it until it's nice and tight up against the tank. There we go. Do it up tight. You can hold it, you can turn the ceramic cartridge a little, just to nip it up. And you're good to go. And there you have it. Okay? We'll just get that one there.

Sit him on the top. When you put your new cartridge in, and you fill it up with water, you might find the water's a bit slow getting through to start. These cartridges are just full of air. And it does take a little bit of time to saturate them and get all the air out. But, you fill it up, go to bed. By the next morning, the ceramic cartridge will be saturated. All the water will be in the top tank, and you'll be good to go, okay? There we have it. That's how that one goes, okay? Now what we'll do with these water filters, even though they're budget filters, you can turn them into extraordinary water filters. And you do that by upgrading to the Ultrapure cartridge.

This cartridge is just gold. There's four pages of test and contamination removal with this. 97 percent fluoride, 99.9 percent chlorine, chloramine, all the real nasties in the water, this will just repel it, okay? So, what we're gonna do here, is I'm now just gonna show you. Because you can use these Ultrapure cartridges in these water filters, and it just will make such a difference to your health, and the water that you're consuming. So, here he is here. And what I'll do, I'll put the Ultrapure candle into this seven-stage here.

So once again, same thing. Discarding the old cartridge, so we're not too worried about it. We just undo the nut on the bottom. Okay. Pull him out. Okay. And here's our Ultrapure candle. Now as you can see, they are quite different, okay? No doubt about it. But, this ones got all the good going gear in it, I promise you. You can feel the weight in it too, a bit heavier. And, ready to go. So, got the candle. Keep the plastic over the outside of it to protect it. Undo our nut. Okay.

Now, we'll leave this quality rubber washer on the bottom, okay, as we put it through the hole in the tank. Just insert him through. Once again, we want the hole in the center. So I normally hold it upright like that, so I can position the nut exactly, or the thread exactly in the middle. And then we apply our nut. Tighten him up nice and tight. Beautiful. Get a good seal. And there you have it. It's now Ultrapure. And the water quality coming out of this is second to none.

Ultrapure cartridge, ceramic candle, no different to these or any other ceramic cartridges. They've all got the fine powder on the outside. So get hold of it, rinse it in a bucket, put it under the tap, let the water flow over it. And just give it a nice cleanup before you start, and you'll be good to go. Fill it up with water. Water will flow down overnight.

And you'll be ready to go the next morning with beautiful filtered water. Thanks very much.

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