How to change the cartridge in your Pure Spa Shower Filter

Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here.

Today you will learn how to change the Pure Spa Shower Filter cartridges.

You’ll notice that the box comes with two cartridges inside and some instructions on the back of the box with diagrams.

One cartridge pushes in from each side of the shower filter without having to dismantle it.

How to change the cartridges in the Pure Spa Shower Filter

      1. Tilt the shower head down to give yourself some room to unscrew the caps on each end.
      2. Unscrew the caps on each end of the shower filter.
      3. Make sure the rubber washers in the caps stay in place.
      4. Push both cartridges out from each end. Insert the new cartridges into each end of the shower filter, making sure they are flush.
      5. Screw the shower filter caps back on tightly.

Now you’ve successfully replaced the cartridges.

Each cartridge has Micro-Filtration removing sediment, rust, sand, and other solids to protect KDF filter.

Product Update

The product in this video is discontinued and no longer available on If you are looking for a similar shower filter, we recommend the Aquasana Premium Shower Filter or the Vitamin Shower.

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