[VIDEO] How to change the cartridge in your Sprite Shower Pure 7 Stage Fixed Head Shower Filter

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G'day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter back again, and what we're gonna do now is just show you how easy it is to change the cartridge in these fixed head, in the new Sprite seven stage fixed head shower filter. Okay? So obviously it's installed. It's in your home, whatever, and we've used it for the desired amount of time, and we want to just change the cartridge, alright? So water's off, ready to go, and basically you can see a line around the back here, and that's where the cartridge, where the head will break in half, and we're just gonna unscrew it at that point and get the cartridge out. So just good hands on there, and you can turn it pretty easy. It's coming undone already. So we just unscrew that head off the face. Leave the backing plate behind. And there we go. That'll all stay in place. Here's the head. Here's the shower cartridge inside.

We can take that out. As you can see, it's a reasonable sized one. It's the Sprite Slim Line shower filter cartridge. Fair bit of media in that one. Alright? And that's basically it. There's a rubber O-ring in there you can see. It seals on the face, but we basically just take it out, dispose of, get the new one, sit the new one inside, just lift him up into place, and we screw him back on. And nip him up tight. The O-rings will seal it up, and on with the water and happy shower. Very easy to change yourself, and they do make a great change to the water and give you a beautiful shower, get rid of that chlorine. Okay, thanks very much.

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