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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here again, and what we're gonna do now is change the cartridge in the Sprite seven stage shower hose shower filter, okay? Simple, simple process here with this one. The cartridge is in here in the handle. There's a couple of locks up here that shows you when it's locked in place and what's going on with it, okay? Simple as it is, pull the shower head out of the holder. Hold it in your hand and gently turn it until we come over here where it's got the unlock sign to the left, and then just gently pull them apart, okay? The cartridge has even come out with this one, it's stuck up in the head there. That's okay, we're gonna just pull that out. Okay, and there it is, the good ol' Sprite Slimline shower filter cartridge. Basically get rid of that one, get the new one.

They're reversible, we can turn them any way we want, okay? Basically up inside the head, or down inside the housing. Couple of little notches on the side there, connect down in. Just gently get it, put them into the right spot, and then push them together. Straight together and turn it to the right to lock it, okay? Once again, turn it to the left, gently wiggle it, it'll come apart. When you put it back together, get the little slots on the side there in the right spot, push it together, lock, turn to the right to lock. Job done. Thank you very much.