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Good Day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and we're just outside and we're gonna have a look at changing the cartridge in the Whole House Twin Rain Water System, okay? So, pretty easy task. Once again, just gotta take your time, make sure you line everything up, and it'll just come and go easy as pie. First thing, you're gonna turn your water supply off, the pump off, whatever it might be, stop the water coming to the house.

Then we're gonna turn on the tap and just let the water run out until the water stops and the pressure's released. Once you've got no pressure on the system, we're good to come and have a look in there and we're good to go, okay? So as normal on these systems, we've got the dirt and sediment filter here on the incoming side that we applied a sediment cartridge in there and then we've got the carbon cartridge on this side, normally it's silver impregnated to stop any bacterial growth inside the cartridge.

So, got a new carbon cartridge here. We'll grab this one and we'll put a new one in here. They're both the same, so it doesn't matter too much. So we get our cartridge housing tool, crack the seal on the top, and we'll screw him off. So you're only gonna turn it a bit and it's good to have some good nice grease on this top seal and it makes it so much easier to undo. There we go and this is the seal here. Little bit of grease on there, they'll just slide on and off easy as pie.

You'll see you put the handle on, you only gotta touch it, breaks the seal very easy. Screw it off by hand. Keep it nice and vertical, okay? Onto the ground. Out with the old cartridge. Now inside at the bottom, there's a riser and that riser fits into the top of the cartridge, so when you put it on you gotta make sure that that hole in the cartridge does fit down over the top of that riser. That's what holds it in position, seals on the bottom ring, on the bottom washer, okay? We'll get this one, set him in.

Just put it down, straight down nice and vertical. Make sure there's a washer on the bottom and it'll stick straight in place. Now pick him up nice and straight. Now in the top here there is fingers that guide the cartridge into place so as long as you sit it onto the bottom lug and you guide it up in there.

Just keep it nice and straight as you're putting him on and you'll be good to go. It'll just screw straight up in there very very easily. Look at that, it's nipped all the way up, just by hand. Simple simple, and there's not even much grease on here. Now we're gonna put that housing tool onto there and you'll see. That's it, she's tight. It won't leak and you're done. And then, obviously you'll give it a flush for five minutes. Get any carbon fines, etc. out and you're good to go.

You'll have good whole-house protection again. Thanks very much.