[VIDEO] How to change the cartridges in your Doulton Ultracarb Twin Benchtop Filter w/ Fluoride Removal

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here, what I would like to do today, is just to have a quick look at the cartridge replacement for the Doulton Ultracarb Twin Benchtop Water Filter with fluoride protection, okay. This is great little water filter. Very, very popular. But, it is imperative, it's very very important that when the cartridges are changed in these systems, that the cartridges are flushed as they should be, okay. So, generally, what we like to do is get the cartridges when they arrive. Here's the water filter. This water filter's been set up here for about a year. So it's done its days and it's now time for us to change the cartridges. So these are the new cartridges that arrived from My Water Filter and the first thing that we've done is cast our eyes over them, and had an inspection of them, and made sure that they're not cracked or damaged in any way, and they're in perfect condition and they're good and ready to go.

This is the fluoride cartridge here from America, that's an absolute beauty. And that's good to go. I'll put them out the road. And this is the Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge that goes in position too. And it's vitally important that you check this cartridge, okay? Because the quality of your water all depends on the condition of this cartridge. So, it's come with a courier, and it would have been on a truck with a lot of other products. So we're casting our eyes up and down the cartridge and we're just making sure that there's no cracks, or any damage done to the cartridge, okay? If it is cracked, you will be able to see it, they do stand out. Just inspect these two rubbers on each end, okay. That's good to go into this housing. Same on this end. There's the hole in the cartridge obviously. So this cartridge is good as well. And we're good to go. Okay. So just put those out the road, so that they don't get damaged in any way, and then we'll have a look at the water filter, okay? So the best way to go here, is to take both these cartridges out, alright? That's what I would do. I'd simply get the water filter like so, lay it over on its side.

The housing tool does have open and close on the handle. But it's important that they're facing down over the top of the housing that you put them on, so that you do turn it the right way, alright? This is a normal Australian style thread, in that it is a right handed thread. Turn to the right to make it go tight. Today we wanna undo these. So we're gonna turn them anti-clockwise, looking down from the top, okay? So we simply slip our housing tool on. Just put a little bit of weight on it, and give it a quick turn to loosen these housings off, and how tight these housings will be, just depends how tight you tightened them last year. So don't go crazy and tighten them up really tight. Just gotta nip them up, alright? So here's the Fluoride Removal cartridge here, and we're gonna undo this housing. I'm gonna take this cartridge out, okay. As you can see, it's a bit muddy on the top here. It's been in there for a while, so we're getting rid of that one there, alright. And same here.

You can undo the Doulton housing, and we'll take this cartridge out as well. Okay. Now at this point of time, if there's any dirt in it, any water in him, you can get there, give a wipe out and a clean, whatever we might need to do. And just make sure that the O-rings in the top of the housing there, are in good condition as well, alright? Here's our new Fluoride Removal cartridge, and what we're gonna do is put that into position one and on these cartridges you'll see, it's got a couple of notes on here. There's one stamp here that says, "Made in the USA".

But then there's also another stamp at the top, and this stamp up here says, "This end up", alright? Now, these cartridges are made both for bench top and under sink systems. So, when it says this way up, it's designed for an under sink, under the sink bench top filter. So it goes up into the housing, alright? On these ones here, these are basically a under sink system upside down. So with a bench top, we need the washer to be down into the head cap of the housing, alright? Water enters the top, and it's gonna come out the bottom. So we sit the washer down, get the housing, and we put that fluoride housing back on the top like so, okay? Just get him to there, and nip him up and tighten him up, okay?

Now, what I would do at this point in time, is get the second housing and put this housing on and screw it up tight with nothing inside, alright? It's just empty, okay? A Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge is still sittin' out the back, and we're not touching it or using it this point of time. We'll just quickly nip up that housing. Nip up the second housing, and we're good to go. Now what we wanna do, is we're gonna flush this first Fluoride Removal cartridge, okay? And it is vitally important it's flushed for ten minutes with no cartridge here in the second housing. We just wanna flush the first cartridge for ten minutes, and get all the fines out. Because if we leave the new cartridge in here and flush them both at the same time, all those fines will come over and the second cartridge will trap them, and it'll block them on the outside of the ceramic, and it'll slow the flow right down. That means we gotta scrub it and clean it, and we don't want to be messing around like that.

So, we got our cartridges. We've inspected them. We've removed the old ones. We put our fluoride cartridge in position one. We're turning on the water, and we're flushing it for ten minutes straight, get it into a bucket of water, put it on the garden, whatever. But we've flushed this fluoride cartridge for ten minutes straight, okay? Once we've done that, and we're finished flushing the fluoride cartridge, we can simply loosen housing number two like so. Take this housing off and then we're just going to install our Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge. Now once again, same thing. Try not to touch the cartridge with your hands. This one's a bit different than the other, okay. Cause the water penetrates through this cartridge. Make sure the washer is on the top and the bottom, and the hole at the bottom goes down into the head. If it was under sink, the hole would go up. Bench top, the hole goes down. So we just get there, and we put that ceramic cartridge in, tighten him up.

Just do him a quick little nip up, so that we know that it's nice and tight, not gonna leak, and we're good to go. Now, we've got the fluoride cartridge, already been flushed for ten minutes. Now we've got the Doulton cartridge in here, and while both cartridges are in there, cause this cartridge has already been flushed, we're gonna turn on the water, and we're gonna drop the water through for five minutes, okay? Turn the water on. Quick five minute flush.

The Doulton is going to emit black carbon when it first comes out. Hold a bucket under it if you're worried, tip it on the pot plants, et cetera. After five minutes, be beautiful clean clear water flowing out of the system and you're good to go. 12 hours the cartridges will activate, the carbon will swell, et cetera. So the next day, when you hop up in the morning, turn the water on, quickly drop three liters of water down the drain, and you'll be free to then use that cartridge and that water filter for the next 12 months. It'll make magnificent water for ya. Any questions, any queries, give us a yell and we'll do our best to help you out. But apart from that, thanks very much and have a great day.

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