[VIDEO] How to change the Cartridges of your Benchtop Water Filter

Today, you will see how easy it is to replace your Benchtop Water Filter cartridges. The process is the same as the Under Sink Water Filter cartridge replacement process. The only difference is that the water filter is sitting on the benchtop instead of hanging underneath the sink.

Replace Water Filter Cartridge

      1. Place a towel down on the benchtop to catch any water that leaks out of your filter during the cartridge change process.
      2. Lay your water filter down on its side on the towel.
      3. Use the cartridge removal tool to loosen the housings on the water filter.
      4. Unscrew the housings from the water filter with your hands.
      5. Take out the old cartridges and throw them in the bin.
      6. Tip out the old water that’s left inside the housings.
      7. Check your new cartridges. Check the O-rings are still intact and use some water filter silicon lubricant on it if dry.
      8. Place your new cartridges into each housing and make sure the “This way up” instruction is facing down.
      9. Screw the housings back on, and nip them up tight with the cartridge removal tool.
      10. Check the cartridge flushing guide for your particular cartridges.

Now you’ve completed your Benchtop Water Filter cartridge replacement.

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Thank you very much, and have a great day!

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