How to Change Your Whole House Water Filter Cartridges


Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here again today. Just hanging out with Steve again, and what he's gonna do here is just show you how easy it is to replace a cartridge inside a whole house unit. - So as we were discussing before, we've got a pre-filter and two carbon filters. You'll notice that the pressure guages, I've already cheated, I've turned the water off to the unit, and de-pressurized the unit.

I can assure you, if you don't de-pressurize the unit, you will not get these cartridges off. - Right. - Guaranteed. - Okay. - So, down to zero, key on, and you should not need too much pressure. If you're screwing them back on, and you're putting heaps of pressure on them, you can actually cause more issues than good. Pretty easy, just unscrew them by hand, gently. They're fairly heavy, so you have to just be careful.

Drop it on the ground. This is obviously not gonna be dirty, because it's just being put in. It's actually a pre-filter. - Beautiful. - Okay, so when you're putting it back in there, have a little go out on them to stop the filters from mucking around. - [Rod] Yeah. At the bottom there. - So when you put the filters back on, empty all the water out. Easiest thing to do. Drop them in vertically. Make sure they're on the little spigot that you probably just saw on the bottom. - [Rod] Yeah. - I find it easier if you put one hand underneath. Present it to the filter. That's hand tight. Nip it up.

That's about as much as we need to do. - Right. - And you just go that one for one, all the way along. Let's see what we got in here. So this is your carbon block. - [Rod] Great. - Okay, so same drill. - Yeah. - Get rid of the water. These actually have grease on the top, so if you put them in the sand, - Yeah. - they're gonna gather sand everywhere. - [Rod] Right. - Which you don't particularly wanna do. Slide this back in.

Make sure it's the same deal as that one, so make sure it goes over that little spigot in the bottom. Present it. Hand tight. And I won't do the third one, 'cause it's exactly the same as the second one. - [Rod] Beautiful. Well there you go folks. You just saw it live. That's how easy it is. Once a year, you change over the cartridges inside. So we have a beautiful house, no chlorine in the water, no red eyes, no skin issues, nothing. This baby here will solve all our problems.

And in a couple of minutes, you can just change the filters once a year. Bringing them up to pressure again now. - Slowly but surely. Yeah, these red buttons on the top are not ejector buttons. They're actually called air expulsion buttons. So you just press them to get the air out. - Yeah. - Once water is coming out, they're all fine. - [Rod] They look good. - And then turn everything back on. - [Rod] Beautiful.

- - [Rod] Even works. - And off we go for another year. - [Rod] Thank you very much.