How to Change the Cartridges in your Whole House Water Filter [VIDEO]

Whole House Water Filter cartridges require replacement every 12 months, and despite how challenging it may look to change the cartridges, it’s actually straightforward to do.

After reading this article, you will be able to successfully replace the cartridge in your Whole House Water Filter.

Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Replacement - Step by Step Process

There are 3 cartridges that need to be replaced in this particular model; a pre-filter and two carbon filters.

  1. Turn the water off to the unit and de-pressurise the unit. This step is crucial to get the housings off.
  2. Loosen each cartridge with your cartridge removal tool as shown in the video above.
  3. Unscrew and remove the first housing by hand after it has been loosened. Be careful as they are probably going to be full of water and heavy.
  4. Resting the housing on the ground, take out the old cartridge in your first housing.
  5. Empty water out of the housing.
  6. Have a look inside the housing, and you will notice a little spigot at the bottom and a plastic rim around the top of the housing at the opening. These are both to keep the cartridge centred and properly aligned.
  7. Insert the new cartridge into the housing and align it correctly with the spigot at the bottom.
  8. Once the cartridge has been inserted, screw the housing back onto your water filter and tighten it up with the cartridge tool.
  9. Repeat this process for the remaining cartridges which need to be replaced.
  10. Use the red air expulsion buttons on the top of your filter to remove the air out of all of the housings before running water through.

Once you have replaced the cartridge in all three housings, go inside and pour yourself a cold drink. You’ve done well.

If you have any questions or require help with your replacement cartridges, please contact our support team.

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