[VIDEO] How to Change your My Water Filter Purity Series Under Sink Water Filter Cartridges

G'day folks, Rod here from My Water Filter.

Today, we are going to show you how easy it is to change the replacement cartridges in your water filter when the time is right.

First, put a towel on the base or on the floor just in case there's a little bit of water when you remove the old cartridges.

How to replace your quick change cartridges (Purity Series Water Filter Systems)

1. Turn off the tap to shut off the water supply then turn on the faucet to let the remaining water run off and just leave it on to drain and until the pressure run off.

2. Remove the cartridges.

3. Wipe the bracket where you removed the cartridges.

4. Put the new cartridges in. Just push it up inside and turn a little.

You're done. It's very simple. Anybody can change one of these.

Now slowly turn the water supply on. You'll get a few bubble as the air comes through. Just run those filters for a few minutes just to get any debris out and after a few minutes it's all ready to drink.

Just order a new filter if you require them. It's just as easy they are to replace.

If you've got any concerns, give us a yell on our website or on the phone 1800 769 300.

Enjoy your water. It does really make a difference.

Thank you very much. Have a great day.

Rod and the My Water Filter Team


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