Pure Spa Shower Filter Fitting Instruction Manual


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USA Machinery Engineering Association A 112.18.1 Standard (version 2000) and Q/XOWS003-2004


Water source: Tap water
Pressure: 20 psi-80 psi (130-550 KPA) Ideal temperature: 40° F -150°F (40°C-65°C)

Install the filter according to the instructions below:

If hand held shower

  • Disconnect the hose from the pipe connect the shower filter T side with outlet of the water pipe adjust until no water leakage.

For fixed shower rose

  • Attach filter before the rose.
  • Open the tap, wait until the water runs cleanly with no grit.
  • Connect the shower filter E side with the hose or rose, adjust until no water leakage. (see picture below)

This shower filter can treat up to 40,000 litres, but this is not based on your local water quality. After reaching 40,000 litres,
please replace it. (6 to 12 months) Generally, after 30 days consecutive use, remove the filter, shake it, rinse for 1-3 minutes, and reconnect.



This Shower Filter incorporates highly-efficient KDF deoxidized complex filtering material produced in the USA.

KDF material from U.S is regarded as the best water filtering material in the world, and disposes of dissociated chlorine, trifiredamp, bacteria, rust, sulphurated hydrogen, heavy metal ions and many other impurities and odours. It also reduces any pesticide content, fluoride and other matter found in water, that cause cancer in everyday life, softens the water, reduces furring and protects the cleanliness of the shower water.

Over time use of this Shower Filter helps prevent many skin problems, restrains dander, makes skin soft and moist, leaves hair soft and shiny by eliminating the harsh drying effects of Chlorine. Hair and skin breathe better and become softer. .


The shower filter unit is a double cartridge 4 stage unit giving you 8 stages of filtration see specifications below.

The first stage of each filter: Micro-filtration: Removes sediment, rust, sand, and other solids to protect KDF filter.

The second stage of each filter-USA high-tech material KDF: KDF is made from brass and zinc of high-purity and filters the water via Oxidation-reduction (REDOX). KDF: Removes up to 99.4% of chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, micro-organisms, scale and watersoluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and iron; kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

The third stage of each filter is a high quality granular activated carbon (GAC): that absorbs any pollution in the water. Activated Carbon: Further removes chlorine, organic contaminants, etc.

The fourth stage is a micro-filter that removes any carbon material from the water to ensure the freshness and purity of the resultant water.


For further information and assistance on the installation and maintenance of the PureSpa Shower Water Filter, please contact My Water Filter at 1800 769 300.