[VIDEO] How to Clean the Limetron Conditioned Minerals from your shower glass

The Limetron Whole House Hard Water Conditioner is becoming more and more popular among those who have bore water. Bore water is being used a lot in the capital cities around Australia and is creating havoc and costing people a fortune in damages to their home.

It's common knowledge that calcium and magnesium are just eating into people's homes, wearing out hot water systems, solar huts, you name it, dishwashers, washing machines, the hard water is just attacking them.

The Cost Of Hard Water

Hardwater 101 suggest that you can expect to lose 30% to %50% of an appliance’s projected lifespan simply by using bore water without a conditioner, descaler or water softener. Now that will add up!

According to research by Water Quality Association, using soft water in your home will prevent you from having to replace major appliances as often.

The Limetron Descaler Works!

We sell many of these; they work incredibly well.

We have excellent testimonials and people are very grateful.

When you see white staining on your shower glass or drinking glass, it’s a sign you need a Limetron. It will break down and treat the mineral in the water and make it a lot softer.

It will save you $800 a year and stop your hot water system from breaking down due to limescale buildup and corrosion. We had a testimonial from a lady today that said they couldn't believe how hot their water started getting; since they implemented the limetron, they've even had to turn the hot water system down.

So it's pretty incredible how well it works.

After You Install A Limetron

If the water is left to evaporate after a shower, you'll be left with some white powder sometimes, which is the mineral left after the water evaporates.

If you leave a glass on the sink to drip dry, you'll sometimes see staining on the glass as the white calcium dries.

Rest assured, the Limetron is treating the hard water, and your house will thank you for it.

Simple Tip To Clean The Mineral Off:

The last person to shower for the day wipes the shower glass with the squeegee blade.

The calcium is in a different form, and you won't see it; it’s not eating right into the glass. It’s still on the glass, but it's easier to clean and wipe off.

Click here to watch the Limetron Descaler Product Spotlight.

Talk to us if you have any questions. Have a great day!

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