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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do is just to have a quick chat about the limetron hardwater conditioner. Okay, they're becoming so popular because there's so much bore water being used in the capital cities around the country and it is creating havoc and is costing people a fortune. It's common knowledge nowadays that the calcium and the magnesium is just eating into people's homes, wearing out hot water systems, solar huts, you name it, dishwashers, washing machines, the hardwater is just attacking them.

The Hardwater Association's got a paper floating around, it's some $800 a year more expensive living in a hardwater home than a softwater home. Hence, we're bringing the limetrons in, to try and stop that and try and help people out and they do work, we've got amazing testimonials. People ringing us up, thanking us, that it's just changed the state of their water and people are very, very happy. Sometimes, I think people just get a little high expectation with the device and they think it's a magic wand that can solve everything, but, all jokes aside, this limetron works.

When you see some staining on your shower class, the crystals, white water, growing on your tap that sort of stuff, what it is is a sign that you've got hardwater and it's starting to eat your home away and you're seeing it etch into your shower glass and things like that. You've decided, I wanna fix it, I'm gonna put the limetron on. So you get it installed, what you'll find is it will break down and treat the mineral in the water and it will make it a lot softer. It's gonna save $800 a year, it's gonna stop the hot water system burning out and it'll make the water, we've just got a testimonial from a lady today that said, they couldn't believe how hot their water started getting, their hot water system since they implemented the limetron and they've even got to turn the hot water system down now.

So it's quite incredible how well it's working, so where you can sort of come unstuck a little bit, is if you've got a shower glass and you've seen the white staining on them and then you implement the limetron. It will help, don't get me wrong, we've got people ringing up, telling us how happy they are about their shower glass, but sometimes, if the calcium is just so thick and there is just so many particles per milliliter of calcium in the water, the limetron will treat it and it changes the state and it'll stop it etching into the shower glass, so it wipes off easier, it's cleanable but if the water's left to evaporate, you'll be left with some white powder sometimes, which is the mineral left after the water evaporates.

If you live the glass on the sink to drip dry, you'll sometimes see staining on the glass as the white calciums do and very hard to stop it totally, but the limetron does treat it, it is looking after your house and it will make it better. Suggestions are, last person in the shower, gets the squeegee blade, you know what you clean the glass with. So last person in the shower, night time, blade the glass down.

The calcium is in a different form and you won't see it, it's not eating right into the glass, it's still on the glass but it's easier to clean it and wipe off. So, just wanted to inform you that the limetron is a fantastic product, they're being purchased all over Australia, hardly ever had one returned and they just work in a three.

But you just gotta be aware that the calcium and the magnesium, it is tricky and there's no easy solution on the fry, have a good day.