How to Connect a Benchtop Water Filter

Good day folks, Rod from My Water filter here today.

What we're going to do is simply connect up a benchtop water filter to the kitchen tap spout.

Benchtop Water Filter Systems

Benchtop water filters are one of our most popular water filters. No matter if your benchtop is a single system, a twin, or a triple, as long as it's a benchtop water filter, with a diverter, this guide will help you install it.

Unscrew the Aerator off the End of the Faucet

Unscrewing kitchen tap aerator to attach a water filter

Install the Benchtop Water Filter Diverter

The water filter diverter is the part of the benchtop water filter that connects your water filter to your kitchen tap.

Depending on your faucet, you may need an adapter to work with your diverter.

If your faucet has female threads, you will need a double male adapter

All benchtop water filters we offer come with a double male adapter because most faucets are female threaded.

Make sure it's got the rubber on the top and the little dots on the thread that goes up. Gently screw it straight up into the top of the tap spout.

Screw up the diverter tightly, preferably with a tool.

Using a tool to tighten the water filter diverter

Operating the Diverter

Lift the lever on the diverter and turn on the water and the water will flow straight through to the water filter and out the water filter spout. Otherwise, if you leave the diverter lever down, the water will simply pass directly through the diverter out of your kitchen sink tap.

Before using the water filter, please have a look at the flushing instructions. You will receive these in your email after your purchase your water filter.

If you've got a fluoride cartridge in your filter, it is essential to remove all the cartridges and leave the fluoride cartridge to flush on its own. Click here to learn how to flush your fluoride water filter cartridge.

That's the process on how to connect your benchtop water filter. It is very easy. Thank you very much.

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