[VIDEO] How and Why to flush your new Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do is just have a look at connecting up this new benchtop water filter and just running through flushing of the cartridges, OK? So step by step, new diverter, gonna go in the sink. Faucet, spout, thread, off with our aerator, that's left us a thread, 21, 21 and a half millimeters, straight on with our diverter, nip them up tight. That's tight enough for now, we'll nip them up later. Now, the story here is, if you've just got a single benchtop water filter, then it'll have an Ultrapure Cartridge in it, or a good cartridge in it, there's only the one cartridge, you get it, you connect it up, you turn the water on, you'll flush it for five to 10 minutes, you'll give that single cartridge a flush, and you're good to go, away you go, OK? Then we can step up, and you might have a twin, which basically is two housings, OK? When you step up to a twin, there's quite a different, different set of cartridges that we will insert into each different filter, and that'll be to solve the problem that the customer has got. So, on a twin, quite often, you'll find us using the Ultrapure Cartridge a lot, whether it's on government water, because it's got such good test results for the chlorine, chloramine, et cetera, or on untreated water, like tank water, et cetera, 'cause it's just got such great Pathogenic bacteria, it stops the bugs 99.999%, OK?

So the Ultrapure Cartridge will pop up a lot, a lot of people are using it. When we use the Ultrapure, if you've got a twin system, what you'll find, sometimes you might have an alkalizer, to elevate the pH of the water, in the first housing, you might have a calcite, Corosex Cartridge on rain water. Once again, elevating the pH to neutral. Could be a fluoride cartridge, OK? All of these cartridges, they are a casing, and they have media inside of them, and that media travels a long way, most of the time from America. And the fines inside of it, they're bouncing around, and it creates fines inside the cartridge. If you get your new water filter and you connect it up and you just turn the water on straight away, the water will come through the system, it goes up through the bottom of these cartridges, the water will shoot of through the top and the first thing it's gonna do is blow all the fines out of this cartridge, OK?

Now when you're using our cartridges with the quality of an Ultrapure, they're so fine, they are ceramic, they are cleanable, all of those fines are gonna go straight over, and the Ultrapure Cartridge is gonna block those fines, the same as it blocks all the other contamination, and what you're doing, right there at the first minute you've used your filter on day one, you've put a barrier all over the outside of the ceramic cartridge for the Ultrapure Cartridge.

And what that will do, over the next few days, will slow the water flow down, all of a sudden the water will just be dribbling out the spout here, and you'll be thinking there's something wrong, you gotta faulty product or something like that. But the truth of the matter is, it just wasn't flushed as it should be when it's new, OK? It's not easy to remove the fluoride, et cetera, now days we have got specialty cartridges to do what we need to do and we just need to give them a flush each time they're new, one flush, all over, and it's done. If we get a triple like this, it's a similar situation. A lot of times you'll find a sediment cartridge in position one, they're just a Poly Spun Cartridge, they don't release any fines, anything like that, so you're always good to go, so you don't have to touch this cartridge here and do anything with it. But in position two, there is a fluoride cartridge, and it looks exactly the same as this. It could be the fluoride, it could be a Corosex calcite cartridge like this, or it could be a remineralizer like this, or the new blue remineralizer.

Any of those three cartridges, as soon as you turn the water on, fines are gonna cover this cartridge, OK? So what we do, very simple, get our new water filter, or we get our new cartridges when they've been sent to us for doing a cartridge replacement, OK? Here's the Ultrapure here, and what we do, is we take the Ultrapure Cartridge out and we just give it a little twist end for end, we want this cartridge to be perfect for you, and unfortunately, some of the carrier systems in this country are a little harsh, and some of those parcels get knocked around, and when that happens, unfortunately you can get a damaged cartridge. So what we want you to do is hold the ends, give it a screw, nice and tight, just make sure it's not cracked, it's only one piece, cast your eyes up and down the cartridge as you slightly rotate it, make sure there's no cracks in it. This one made the journey, it's good to go. I'm gonna put that out the way, there is no cartridge in here, OK? We just putting this on here, all right, and we tighten them up, remembering here's the fluoride cartridge, or the alkalizer, or the Corosex Cartridge that we wanna flush. On with the tap, and we just let the water run through it with no cartridge in here, five minutes will do ya, OK?

Each cartridge, give it five minutes, collect the water, on the pot plants, in the garden, don't waste it, basically you're just gonna flush the fines out of that cartridge five minutes, five minutes, off with the tap, come over, off with the top again, get our Ultrapure Cartridge out, now on a benchtop, the Ultrapure Cartridge does say "This Way Up," OK, "This Way Up." On a benchtop, it's an upside-down under sink, so "This Way Up" has gotta go up. This gotta go down, the hole in the end, OK? And that's where the water is. The water is penetrating the side of the cartridge to the center core, and then the water's coming out the bottom and flowing through for you to drink. So, once we've done the flushing, back on with the cartridge housing, tighten him up, turn the water on, flush it for five minutes, we've already, the sediment doesn't require flushing, the fluoride, the alkalizer, the Corosex Cartridge does, we did that for five minutes, now we're putting the top back on, now we're gonna give it another five minutes. On with the water, the filter's flowing, and what we're doing now is we're flushing the Ultrapure Cartridge 'cause that's brand new too. Flush it for five minutes, all the carbon inside gets wet, you can give it a flush, you might see a few black fines come out, it'll only last a minute, and it's good to go. And then, basically, we'll leave that system to sit, it'll activate overnight, next day, you're good to go for a year, OK?

A second scenario that will happen is we might have the fluoride cartridge in position one, so you might wanna remove the fluoride, then you might want to elevate the pH of the water, and then you've got the Ultrapure Cartridge in last position, OK? Now in that instance, this is basically what we've got. We'll just quickly have a look, OK? Here's our fluoride cartridge, fluoride cartridge keep it tucked up in there, all right. In this instance, here's our fluoride, in position two is our alkalizer cartridge, OK. Now, if we, brand new system, we turn it on, all the fluoride fines goes in the alkalizer, all the alkalizer fines comes over and blocks up the Ultrapure, OK, so we need to double flush, all right?

That definitely is the best way to treat these systems. So once again, we're out with the Ultrapure Cartridge, all right, and then what we're gonna do is pull out our alkalizer, OK, and we'll put both those housings on, and we're nipping them up tight, OK? Fluoride up tight as well, OK? We gotta fluoride cartridge in number one, and both these housings are empty, OK? On with the water, five minutes, flush the fines out of that fluoride cartridge. Five minutes, turn it off, we're gonna spin the top off, now we're gonna put our alkalizer cartridge in. On with the water, five minutes through the alkalizer cartridge, collect the water, put it on the pot plants, so we've now spent 10 minutes flushing, got all the fines out, and we're looking good and we're good to go.

This point in time, we're good to go, alkalizer, sorry, Ultrapure Cartridge back in after the alkalizer, screw him up, turn the water on, flush him for five minutes, carbon's wet, start's to activate, next morning, he's up and away and we're good to go, OK? So whether it's a twin, or a triple, any cartridges that sit in front of the Ultrapure Cartridge, we wanna remove the Ultrapure Cartridge, and we wanna give those a flush. You do that, and you'll never have any dramas, and you'll be good to go. If for some reason you get caught out, or someone in the family puts a new cartridges in while you're not there, or whatever, it's not the end of the world but it's a bit of a pain.

Because basically you gotta take this Ultrapure Cartridge out, let's say someone sets up your system and they just start running water straight through it, all the fines come through, the Ultrapure Cartridge starts to get covered in fines, and it blocks it up, the water coming out of the spout just slows, deteriorates, slows down to a dribble, all right. If that's the case, take the housing off of the Ultrapure, we grab this Ultrapure Cartridge, we hold it under the kitchen sink tap, give it a really, really good ol' scrub, and we scrub all the muck off the outside of it, it's the beauty of these ceramics, is they are long lasting and durable, short of dropping them so you can scrub it all off, get it nice and clean, 60 grit sandpaper, brand new, green Scotch-Brite scour pad, they're the best two we've found, give it a good scrub and a clean up, and put the top back on, screw him up, turn the water on, and automatically it'll start to flow beautiful straight away, and you'll have full flow water again, OK? Thank you very much.

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