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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do, just have a quick look at the Alkaway Ultrastream water filter, okay? Now, this is a pretty popular filter, and the reason being, the hydrogen that it creates and people love it for the high mineral content and the high pH water.

A lot of cancer patients will come looking for this water filter, okay? Now, it's a great filter, don't get me wrong, in creating the hydrogen, et cetera. But with any water filter, this thing has got a lot of mineral in it, okay? And when the mineral gets wet, and it starts to react, it creates energy. And when it creates energy, it starts to expand. And what you might find from time to time, especially when it's new, is you got a little bit of water dripping and dribbling out of the spout here.

Even if it's an under sink system and you've got your own faucet on the sink, you'll note with these systems that there are special faucet for on the sink, you can only use the special faucet with these systems. And basically, it's a vented faucet. And the reason it's vented is same, same. The media is creating energy, expanding, and that energy has gotta be released somewhere, and that's where it comes. Out the spout or out the end of the vented faucet, okay?

Alkaway have a pretty good little booklet here that they give out with their systems, alright? And you've only got to turn to the top of the first page and straight away, they've just given you a warning on there that these systems can dribble a little bit or leak a little bit.

When they're brand new, you need to give them a flush to get them going, and you just flush them nice and slowly for 10 minutes or 20 minutes, and generally that'll give them a flush through and get them going. But if you have a little bit of water dribbling and dripping out the end, then that's exactly what's going on. It's nothing to be alarmed about, it's just the energy that's created with this system that can create so much hydrogen in the water, so don't be alarmed, that's how they work, and it's good to go. High alkaline water, beautiful stuff. Thanks very much.