Why Your Alkaway Ultrastream Faucet Is Dripping [VIDEO]

If you have noticed some dripping from the faucet of your Alkaway Ultrastream, there is an excellent reason for it, and it all comes down to the Hydrogen.

Do you need to be concerned? Read on to find out why your Alkaway Ultrastream is Dripping.

What The Alkaway Ultrastream Does

The Alkaway UltraStream is the first-ever natural water ioniser proven to infuse massive amounts of beneficial hydrogen gas into your purified drinking water. It creates three times more hydrogen than an electric water ioniser that almost cost ten times the price!

That’s 10,000 times the hydrogen gas in tap water.

This fantastic water alkaliser also adds slow-release calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals, which increase the alkalinity as high as 8-10 pH. For this reason, many cancer patients come looking for the Ultrastream.

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Why is the Alkaway Ultrastream Dripping?

The Ultrastream is packed with hydrogen and minerals, and when the mineral gets wet, it starts to react and create energy.

When it creates energy, it starts to expand.

This is why you may find from time to time, especially when it's new, that you get a little bit of water dripping and dribbling out of the spout.

Even if it's an under sink system and you've got your faucet on the sink, you'll note with these systems that they have a special vented faucet for Benchtop systems, and you can only use the special faucet with these systems.

The media is creating energy, expanding, and that energy needs to be released somewhere, and that's where it comes out - out of the spout or out the end of the vented faucet.

In the manual that came with your product, you’ll notice that it also addresses this issue at the top of the first page.

When they're brand new, you need to give them a flush for 10-20 minutes to get them going.

If your Alkaway Ultrastream is dripping, then that's precisely what's going on. It's nothing to be alarmed about; it’s just the energy created with this system that can produce so much hydrogen in the water.

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