[VIDEO] Grander Bath - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And we got the pleasure of having a chat with Wayne from Grander Grander, Australia. Now, the situation is I'm hearing kids cry, and the kids have got eczema, babies have got eczema, they're straight out of the hospital, okay? And mum's giving 'em a wash, look I'm not gonna kid you, I'm no expert on children, okay? But I hate hearing kids cry, and kids are screaming, kids are itchy, kids are scratching themselves, they got eczema, and I'll take a look and I just think, God, it just doesn't need to be, you know? And then mum brings the child home from the hospital, straight into a bath at home full of chemical, full of chlorine, et cetera, et cetera. I'm not a scientist, Wayne but it just doesn't marry up with my mind, it can't be the way to do it, you know what I mean? There's gotta be a better way, a grander product to solve this forum, you're on the same page as me.

Absolutely. You know, you may have heard in recent years of children going to Switzerland, I think it is, to have special water baths and people are accepting that, that water does make a difference. - Right. - And, so that means with our water with more oxygen, and a changed structure of the water, we definitely have an effect on eczema. - [Rod] Yeah. - It depends on the application and how rigorous they are using it. - Yeah. - And things like that. I had one in recent times that said we're not sure if it's working or not. - Yeah. - And they'd taken it off the shower, or sorry, off the bath. - Yep.

And I said what's happened since you put it on, and you've taken it off. They wanted to test whether that was working or not. - [Rod] Yep. - And they said "no we haven't really seen a difference." I said "is your child out of hospitals?" And, since because the child really had ended up in hospital. - Yep. - Well it turns out the child had ended up in hospital in the last two weeks, but they took it off a month ago. - Ah, really? - It was just one of those things. - Right..

Where people didn't realize. - Yep. - That it had made such a difference. - [Rod] Yep. -It will make a difference because a lot of the problems with eczema is the chloramines in water. - Absolutely, I hear it and feel it myself. So just something like the grander shower under the shower, T-piece on there, we can run a pipe off it, even if the bath's on the other side of the bathroom, just to take care of the kids and stuff like that, we can just run a pipe and fill up the bath with the same grander water from the grander shower. - Absolutely. - Yep, yep. - Look, we're not, whatever we're saying, we're not saying it's a cure. - Yep.

But it's a definite advantage, a definite advantage. - [Rod] Yep. - Compared to what they're being put up with. - Right, right, yeah, no that's how I feel about it too, it's just there's so many differences with grander water, and it's just a great thing for kids as well because we get, everyday mums'll ring up and just say, they're basically asking the question, you know, they're at their wits end, the kids have got eczema, and the rashes, and they're itching and scratching and screaming, and they're basically ringing up and saying "do you think it's the water?" Well, I'll tell you folks, every single day we've got mums in this country on the phone with that problem.

It is the water, I'll tell you straight here. It's just got so much chemical and garbage in it, it is definitely the water, and it affects your children in a big way. And a whole house water filter, and a grander device, or a grander shower device will change everything for yah. There's no doubt about it, okay. - I think with the irritation, which is probably a bigger problem than eczema because younger children tend to grow out of that after a period of time. - Right, yeah. 

But I had a lady the other day that sent us a Christmas card last year and we put a fixable or shower unit on her shower, and she had itched for 17 years. - [Rod] Right. - She had been on cortisone. - Yep. - The whole lot, nothing worked. - [Rod] Wow. - Her 18 year old son had exactly the same problem, and once we put their fixable unit on the shower, no more problem, and she'll testify. - Yeah, right, it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? - That is a beautiful thing, it was one of the best testimonials we got back because it was really heart felt and it really did help them, absolutely. - No I hear you, I do. Look folks, take a look at the site, investigate, have a look at grander, it's been around for 40 odd years, it's not something new, it's there, we've just gotta use it, so have a look and give us a bell on the phone if we can help you in any way, but grander water in the bath, in the shower, take care of your children, it's a good thing. Thanks very much.

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