[VIDEO] Grander Board - Protecting Your Board

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Good day folks, Rod from my water filter here today. And what we're gonna do is just have a look at the amazing Grander Board, okay. And basically when it arrives in your home and we take it out of the box. This is what we'll be looking at, okay. Now I'll just go through a couple of things this is what we normally do. So as you can see, on my left here, got the board that's wrapped in plastic it's got the water on it. Getting ready structured very vitalized as we speak okay. So as you can see, board arrives, just in a nice little cardboard box to protect it okay. So what we normally do is we'll open up the box and as you can see, there are some instructions inside. And ideally love everybody to take a quick look and read those instructions. They're not long, just a few do's and don'ts. The different things you can put on the board. Not only the water and the fruit but meat and other stuff okay so there's a very wide range of usage few warnings there about do's and dont's and that'll take you just a minute to slip through that and have a look.

Once you've done that, I normally take the board out of the box and admire it I guess is just have a look at it and have a feel of it it really is a nice little board obviously all the workings are inside that you can't see but you can see in there in the instructions now with the board, the choice is yours we would really like you to do it this way and basically this is how I've done mine at home and Wayne and everyone fromdoes it so we basically just put the board back into the box that it arrived in okay and this is to protect it this board this board can last forever if you take care of it. So we put it back into the box and we're gonna keep it in the box like this forever.

Okay now, what I'm gonna do is get some good old glad wrap, cling wrap whatever brand you like, go for it. But we're just gonna get some glad wrap and we're gonna wrap the board in it to keep the water off it. As you can imagine, when you go to the kitchen sink tap and you grab this bottle of water you'll have a few bits of dribbles and dips down the side of it and when you set it on the board and it slowly runs down well if you just put it straight under the wooden board the woods gonna absorb the moisture and there's no way that timber is gonna last as long as it would protected like we're about to now so that's the process that we're going through okay so we're just gonna slide the glad wrap out a bit we'll just take us minute, I'll just take it slowly just as you will at home when you go to do it so we sit the board on and we're basically just gonna do three wraps okay.

Take your time and pull the glad wrap out nicely keep it nice and neat, try and keep the top flat and smooth as best you can just for appearance wise as you moving forward okay. Give it another wrap, okay. Wrap it over and finish on the bottom. Hopefully this point of time before you put the last fold over normally wrap the edges in okay fold it underneath and there we have it okay. We just have a good plastic cover over that board now the signal is so fine it'll go straight through the plastic it's not detrimental to its operation or anything like that it's just gonna make it last longer protect the board okay and that's about it folks. and enjoy thanks very much.

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