[VIDEO] Sprite Original Hand Held Filtered Shower Handle - Unboxing Video

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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here again today, and here we are in the shower, doing an unboxing video for you. So, we just want you to have a look at the Sprite shower hose filter, and we're going to unpack it here right now. Now, these are comin' all the way from America to Australia, they're in retail packaging, they're packed very well, and when you take 'em out,  just take a little bit of care.

You will cut yourself on this plastic if you don't watch what you're doin', and it is a little bit of a process to get 'em out. So, not that I'm any expert. Okay, but I do find it easier just to cut it, you can cut it in the back there so you can open it up, and there's all the parts for us to come out, okay? Okay.

As with any handheld shower filter, the first part that we need is the part that attaches onto the wall. As you can see, straight out of the box, that will attach straight onto the wall. Australian half inch BSP thread, the holder for your shower hose, and then, the hose is gonna connect up from underneath.

Okay? Here's that shower hose. A couple of washers, stop the leaking. Just slip this handle out the back like so. Okay? Obviously, we've got instructions inside, and worth takin' a note, and givin' you a few ins and outs on the product and what to do and what not to do.

So, do have a read of it before you start. But, basically, this is it. Here's our nice, shiny, brand spankin' new chrome shower head that's goin' to attach on to your hose. The hose will connect onto our wall connector, and our wall connector will connect onto the wall.

Three simple parts. The filter's in the handle. And it'll just change your showering experience once you use the filter.

Thank you very much.