Sprite Original Hand Held Filtered Shower Handle - Unboxing Video

Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here.

Today we are unboxing the Sprite Original Hand Held Filtered Shower Handle.

The Sprite shower filter makes hair softer and is excellent for people who suffer from dandruff, dry, sensitive skin or allergies.

When you are unboxing your product, be careful with the sharp edges of the plastic packaging. You may find it easier to cut your way in with some scissors.

What’s in the package:

  • 72” Reinforced Shower Hose and attachments.
  • Shower Wall attachment piece with a half in BSP thread.
  • Rubber Washers to prevent leaking.
  • 3-way adjustable massaging shower head (full spray, full/massage spray, massage spray). The instruction manual (worth a read before you start).

Cartridge Features:


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