[VIDEO] Grander Water for Cats - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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Good day folks, it's Rod from My Water Filter here today and we're just having a chat with Wayne from Grander, Grander Australia. And I've got a question for you Wayne, the directors at My Water Filter, they all drink Grander Water, okay? And what's happened, is one of the directors keeps having a go at me because someone in his house gave his cat Grander Water. So, now the cat stands at the door for half an hour and miaow's and won't drink the normal water. He wants to come in and wants to drink the Grander Water. Is this something that you find common or is it just we've got a crazy cat on the loose? - Not at all. It's again, the instinct of animals to instinctively know the frequency. - Yes. - And basically, it's quite common. But not only that, we've now got stories for cats from illnesses to operations where they've had an operation, they heal very quickly and those sorts of things.

Being much smaller than a human being, their results are quite significant quite quickly. They'll definitely go and drink that water and one of the things we do to prove to humans, test it on animals and that's what we do. We give them two different plates of water, but I've also done this with children, young children, they haven't been pre-programmed yet sort of thing and they don't know that its just filtered or not filtered or whatever it is and basically, yes. I've had children in my life that call it Wayne's water. - Right, right, right, that's a funny things isn't it? Oh, well that's it folks.

The old animals are smarter than the human being at times, so if you cat likes it, maybe you could have a glass yourself. So, take a look over the site at the Grander products and everything on Grander. I promise you that it's worth your time and worth a look, so enjoy. Thank you.

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