[VIDEO] Grander Water for Chickens - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And we've got the pleasure of having a chat with Wayne from Grander, Australia. And I just want to throw one at you Wayne. I've got a lady on the phone a few weeks back and she'd already bought a Grander Board of us and I was very happy about that.

And she jumped back on the phone and just bought a 4,000 dollar whole house system okay? Just straight off the bat, which normally there's a few questions involved but there wasn't for her. And after we'd done the sale, I just said to the lady, "Have you got a minute to chat?" And I told her this story, I said, "You just popped up and bought that product, like you don't have any questions, you don't want to know anything about the device?" And she said, "Rod I snuck some Grander Water to my chickens, and now they won't drink anything except Grander Water."

And I can relate to that because that's all I drink, you know what I mean? But for chickens to start to do it and now she thinks that the eggs are laid better and the chickens are happier and she's been doing tests with plain tap water and Grander Water and they're just not even drinking the tap water. It's chickens smarter than humans. - Yep. - They are. - I like listening to the animals and plants. I have a saying, plants don't watch TV.

So that means really we're pre-programmed to thinking this is the right thing, this is the wrong thing. You know, a dog will always drink out of a dirty, muddy puddle. - Yes. - Because it's full of freshly fallen rain water. It has a high energy, they know it. They can be as muddy and dirty as you like but they're looking for the frequency. It's an instinct. The chicken, the same deal. We've had dogs learn to turn on taps when their owners are trying to fool them into drinking other water. - Really? -

We have. We've done it on purpose. And so there's many stories on this and within poultry, it's a very important thing. We have about 70 pig and poultry farms on Grander, the very latest one that we've put on, which does also indicate what we were talking about the deterioration in water, you know 10, 15 years ago we'd get certain results. The latest one we've done in the last year and a half actually is showing that the chickens are growing at 124 grams a day. - Right. -

The national average is 84. - 50 more grams? - Imagine it. - That is a lot. It's a lot. - Again, we're listening to animals. And this is a really big thing. Horses, we've got horses down on the narrow all day that stopped drinking water after racing, that is unheard of. Normally, they've trotted, they would come in and bolt water down. They wouldn't drink it. - Really?

They waited till they got back to the farm three hours away and then started drinking. - Wouldn't drink the town water? - No, they had to start carrying Grander Water with them. - Wow. - So, it's pretty significant. - It certainly is. - We should be watching nature, or watching animals and that lady was quite correct. - Right, right. - In doing that because animals are not pre-programmed. And that's very important. - Got ya, got ya. Alright, well there you go folks. I'm not about to lay down and start drinking out of a puddle, but we will get hold of some Grander devices and we'll give that a go. And get some of the best water into us that we can. So, thank you for that Wayne. It's beautiful.

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