[VIDEO] Grander for Septic Tanks - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and we're lucky enough to be catchin' up with Wayne, Wayne from Grander Australia again and this little topic here today Wayne is on the benefits of the Whole Home Grander. So I've learned a lot in this area and as soon as you put a Whole House Grander on your home, it's fantastic for the home and the porta pipes and the appliances and the people livin' in it and the garden and everything. And now, we find out that that water is so good it goes all the way through to the septic tanks and gray water and things like that and there is massive benefits and money saving there for people as well.

Yep, absolutely because basically Grander in Australia's been in sewerage plants and systems, wastewater systems and abattoirs and things like this. - Yep. - The beauty we find on a home with a Grander unit, whether it's a rain water tank or whether it's your home, if you've got a septic tank and you've got gray water the biggest problem with those septic tanks and gray water's really the smell. - Yep. - You get huge smells and it lingers between neighbors and things like that. - Sure.

But we also have to find that we use a lot of chemical to clean out the pipes and those sorts of things and this is just eliminated, virtually. - Right. - The smell's are not eliminated but they're absolutely livable, - Right. - you know, there's just no way. Gray water, as anybody with gray water realizes, they have a flush system into the garden or into the ground or into the lawn.

This is a smell problem as well, where you find it's Granded, the smell is reduced dramatically. - Yeah right. - So, we also saving money, like I said on the chemicals and things like that, but not only that, on your, the clean out of the septic tank, - Yep. - which has to happen periodically, but you find that you just don't get the build up because the biologics is cleaning the septic tank and that's a huge thing. - Yeah, yeah. So it's amazing isn't it, it all comes back to the biologics of the water and the structure of the water and the bacteria is eating a lot of that up obviously is what I'm thinkin', - Yep. - and it just creates a decent sort of a waste product and that could just flow out onto a nice veggie garden even if that was the set up. - Absolutely. - Yeah. - See the thing is that, typically when you get those severe smells it's because it's what we call anerobic. - Right. - Anerobic bacteria only about 45% efficient at eating up matter, - Yep. - pollutant in other words.

Where aerobic bacteria is 91% efficient so you can imagine, - Right. - the change, - Big difference. - a big difference. Now this happens in your bodies, it happens in the atmosphere, it happens everywhere, it's no different. Nature only makes one rule. - Yep. - It doesn't alter that rule, if this is true, then this is true, then this is true and it's very important that we start to understand the biologics, the oxygen content, the whole thing that Grander discovered 40 years ago where other now professors, like Pollock and those sort of professors now are starting to really understand that this is not just a simple matter of aeration or, filters or changing, it's about biologics, - Right. - in water, most important. - Gee. The oxygen must play some form of part in that to do what it's doin', you know, the water comes through the house, it treats everybody, it goes in our bodies you know, I'm drinking Grander water, never been so fit in all my life and seems to be going all the way through to the septic tank, you know? - Absolutely, but it only doesn't go there. It also goes further than that, so when you're on town water with sewerage, - Yep. - that sewerage then ends up, in some cases in the sea. - Understand.

It continues to have a ongoing effect if you like. - All the way. - It continues to do this. And we have to be very mindful of this because the more chemical we put in to those waste waters, - Yep. - the less aerobic bacteria, - Right. - because chemical is not conducant with aerobic bacteria to the extent that people may assume it is. - Understand, understand. Gee, it's a shame every house doesn't have a Grander product offered on it, even all the homes nowadays in our suburbs that are connected to the deep sewage and the government sewage and this sort of thing. - Absolutely. - If everyone had a Grander, and all of that water flowed through, all of their septic systems would be much, much better, get rid of the chemical, biologics cleaning the whole it up and then when they recycle it and they pump it underground it would be a far better quality water goin' down. - We can't say to get rid of all the chemical. - Yep. - But any reduction in chemical, - Yep. - would help the biologics. - Right.

You know, bacteria don't like chemicals - No, they don't. Well that's it, killing the good stuff. - That's it. So basically, what bacteria want is aerobic conditions. - Right. - Oxygen. - Right, good call. - Yeah. And so basically, this has a huge flow on effect, a big flow on effect. - Nice. - Not only through your bodies, but also through the environment. And this is now starting to become more and more understood, if you like. - Yeah. - But we need to. - Yeah. - We need to environmentally. To make sure we understand it, yep. - Wow, thanks mate, appreciate it. - Thank you. 

That's it folks, so if you're able to get Grander on your home, its just got so many benefits that go past your health, past the home of the health, all the way to the yard, the garden and then, even for the world and our country, the waste water comin' off your property could be a lot, lot better, if it was treated with Grander as the water's actually comin' in to your property, so. - Yeah. - Thanks very much for that, it's fantastic and take a look folks, let us know if it'll help you in any way. Thank you very much.

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