Grander Flexible Unit

Hello, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, and I'd like to introduce you to the fantastic Grander Flexible Unit. This Grander Flexible Unit is useful in multiple applications.

Personal Health Benefits

No more horrible chlorine. No more red eyes, damaged hair, or itchy, irritated skin. Grander shower water will dissolve and clean much better than regular tap water.

Irritated Skin

Everyday Home Use

Use The Grander Flexible Unit onto your shower wall connection to provide a luxurious grander shower. At the same time, with a special diverter, you're able to turn a lever so that water will flow from the flexible unit. Enjoy the benefits of grander water for your bath water also.

Lady drinking grander water

You can set it up for drinking and cooking, or to use anywhere throughout your whole home. Suitable for use in your caravan or when travelling. Connect it onto your garden hose. Fill your animal's drinking water containers, and they will love it. Everything loves grander water.

More Information

I have an interview with Wayne from Grander Australia, where we talk about the Grander Flexible Unit in more detail.

Grander Flexible Unit inside packaging

If you are interested in Grander products, then this flexible revitalisation device is for you. Restructured, revitalised water is a fantastic way to go. You'll never have a grander shower without it. Enjoy.

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