Grander Shower Flexible Unit

Hello, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. I'd like to introduce you to the amazing Grander Shower.

Grander Lifestyle

This device creates beautiful, restructured, revitalised Grander water for you and your family to shower in. What that means is no more horrible chlorine, no more red eyes, damaged hair, or itchy, irritated skin.

Grander connected to the wall shower

Health Benefits

It means relief, relief from rashes, relief from skin irritations, relief from red, sore, itchy skin. And even your hair will be softer and shinier, and your colour will last longer, too. The Grander Shower is the top-of-the-line in showering experiences that provides structured water. It's very easy to install.

Grander Shower  Flexible Unit

Ease of use

The Grander Shower screws straight onto your shower wall connection to provide a luxurious Grander Shower and, at the same time, with a special two-piece diverter. You’ll be able to turn a lever so the Grander Water will flow from the diverter. With this Grander Shower unit, you can enjoy the benefits of Grander water wherever you desire.

Grander Flexible Unit with Text

If you ever go travelling, you can take it with you.

We Interviewed Wayne from Grander, Australia. Discussing the Grander Shower in more detail.

If you want to try a Grander Shower experience in your own home, then this Grander Shower device may be for you. Restructured, revitalised water is a fantastic way to go, and you'll never have a grander shower, enjoy.

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