[VIDEO] Grander Water for Industry Use - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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G'day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And we're lucky enough to be having a chat to Wayne from Grander Australia. And, Wayne, I've just been working in a lot of industry in my days, and come across a lot of dirty water and things like that, and I see that the Grander just does so much for people's households and stuff like that.

And just wondering if you've got a couple of words about how I can help others in the BHPs of the world even and bigger places like that in industry and things like that. - Grander can be applied to the waterways, to the water pipes, to cooling towers, to boilers. We've been in cooling towers and boilers that haven't used chemicals in 20 years. - Wow. - And those changes make a huge environmental change, as well as changes to descaling pipes and doing all these things.

And so, it has a very important role to play. And not only the machinery, the environmental impact of factories, but also to the food product itself. So the food product itself changes. We were in Primo Gold Cob for 13, 14 years. And their return rates on hams, by the end, was nil. - Huh, really? - Absolutely nil. Because water retention, or water solvency is the key to a lot of food products. 'Cause they, as you know, with a ham the water leeches out into the plastic, and it gets returned because it's faulty. - Yep, yep. -

So, in our hams, that's the one huge thing they found. That water was not leeching anymore. 'Cause it permeates better. So water is an amazing thing. It is an amazing thing. And that we need to start treating it with respect. We need to start, so that it can pay for itself as well. You know, we're busy throwing chemicals and things like that at water. Where we're really need to be nurturing water, and making the biologics, the natural biologics of water do the job. -

Yeah, and I can just imagine that an industry, by applying this, it must save millions. - Unbelievable-- - Not only in the products or the chemicals you're talking about, but in the down time, in the replacement of products, and how products actually work. - Unfortunately, in a lot of industries, even the industries that we're been in, and are in, they forget. A little bit like the lagoons that we're fixin'. Things like that. They forget how much has been achieved by good water. It's enormous. - Yeah, right.

I hear ya there. I've just seen so many things. Just even back to a home hot water system and things like that. The difference it creates, and how it operates, and how it works, and it functions, et cetera. It's just so vital, dependin' on the water, and the quality of the water goin' through it. So if you're these industries, even the ice machines, and stuff like that.

I know that Grander just makes an amazing difference to ya. And can save ya an absolute fortune. So if you're doing commercial, or anything like that, industrial, and you need a hand, Wayne has got some amazing knowledge to help you out. I seriously tell ya that. And you can just make an absolute amazing difference to your industries. Have a look on the site, and watch the page in the videos. And ring up the phone, and have a chat, and be able to help you out there in any way needed. Thank you.

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