Grander Gardening - Interview with Wayne from Grander [VIDEO]

We get people buying fluoride removal filters and all kinds of options for their veggie gardens, but there is a better way around it for gardeners who are willing to start applying Grander Water to their home veggie gardens.

Grander Water Changes Everything

The Grander Water Whole House Unit is the perfect solution for high nitrogen vegetables and plants, especially silverbeet, lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes.

Tomatoes are very susceptible to all kinds of bugs, and it's quite unbelievable what can happen if left unattended. My father-in-law had a string of tomato plants along his balcony, and he used to water them with Grander Water from the kitchen and those tomatoes would grow like never before.


His neighbour was out there everyday using pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and everything else. Even after going to all those measures, every year he got bacterial wilt while my father’s tomatoes were perfect. He never even touched them; not with fertilisers, not anything.

Now that's a story repeated time and time again with people around the country who are growing their own plants. It’s becoming more and more common for people to install a Grander Whole House Unit purely for the interest of their gardens.

The Whole House Grander Unit Rejuvinates Plants

Grander Water Treated The Wilt In 7 Days, Not 3 Years!

Bacterial wilt is an anaerobic bacteria, meaning that it doesn’t require any oxygen to grow. We gave it an environment that the bacteria didn't want to live in, an environment higher in oxygen. 

We’ve had hundreds of people prove this time and time again with the Grander Board. People have put flowers on top of it and they flourish, so it’s all about this aerobic/anaerobic type of environment.

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Switching To Grander Is Easy


Changing to Grander Water means fewer diseases, fewer herbicides, pesticides and harsh alternatives like that. You’ll also save money.

Worms love that environment too because they hate chemicals. And worms help significantly with the soil and conditioning the soil.

So let's get those gardens pumping with some Grander water and get some decent veggies in there.

If you’ve got any doubts and prefer to dip your toe in and experiment, purchase a Grander Board and notice the difference in your energy and health by consuming Grander water. Put a vase of flowers on top of a Grander Board and see how much longer they last and how differently they tend to grow.

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A Message To The Growers Of Australia

If you want greater yields and you don't want your sprinklers blocking up, try the Grander water - you’ll be amazed at the difference that it makes.Plants-Love-Grander-Water

Would You Like To Try Grander?

Please contact our team if you have any questions about what it costs or what it takes to have a Grander unit installed at your property.

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