[VIDEO] Grander Gardening - Interview with Wayne from Grander

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G'day folks, Rod, from My Water Filter here today and we're having a chat with Wayne, Wayne from Grander, Grander Australia. Wayne, everybody knows that I'm one of the worlds worst gardeners. And I saw the bacterial wilt in the tomato video there a fair while back and I guess from watching that I see that most, a lot of Australians have got little veggie gardens in their back yard and stuff like that. The water quality is no good, you know we get people buying fluoride removal filters and all sorts of stuff for their veggie gardens, but after watching the bacterial wilt video, maybe a better way around it for gardeners would be to start applying

Grander Water to their home gardens, their home veggie gardens. - Without a doubt. Grander Water and vegetables and plants, high nitrogen plants especially silver beet, lettuces, cabbages and those sorts of things. And again, tomatoes because tomatoes are very susceptible to all sorts of bugs and it's really quite incredible. My father-in-law basically had a string of tomato plants along underneath his balcony and he used to just throw Grander Water over it, out of the kitchen. And those tomatoes would grow like never before. - Right. - And his neighbor was out there every day, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and everything else.

Every year he got bacterial wilt. - Yeah, yeah. - And the old boy. - Is that right? - His tomatoes were perfect. He never even touched them. No fertilizers, no nothing. - Right. - Now that's a story repeated time and time again with people around the country. And growing their own back yard gardens. And I've got to say, quite often people are putting their house unit on due to their garden interest. - Yeah. - They want a particular garden, they don't want chlorinated water on their garden and things like that. But it has a huge effect because, basically the bacteria video that you referred to is quite amazing. - Yes, it is. - Because basically it's unheard of. Literally unheard of. Because you can't get rid of bacterial wilt in three years. We got rid of it in seven days. And if anybody want to talk to me about it, they can argue and they can go and talk to the people.

But the simple matter is that that bacterial wilt was anaerobic bacteria. We gave it an environment that they didn't want to live in. They want an aerobic conditions compared. - Really? - So, it's a true story and a very significant story. But, we would like to say to people that until you've grown vegetables, even if you get simple devices like the board and put flowers on it. How many stories have we heard about that? - Hundreds, yeah, absolutely. Along the lasting, etc. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya'. - And it's all about this aerobic anaerobic type situation. - So even people in Australia just backyard gardeners growing a few veggies and herbs, etc, for themselves if they change the brand of water, less diseases, less herbicides, pesticides, stuff like that that they need to use on the products.

They'll save money. They've got a better product. It's healthier for them. It's just a circle, isn't it? Just round and round. - It really is. And you saw what we did with worms and worm farming. We did a few worm farmings and we've doubled the castings and those sorts of things, proves that worms are living in a better environment. They don't like chemicals. - I'll bet they don't. - So that's where you can-- worms help very greatly with the soil and conditioning the soil.

And so it's more of a natural situation isn't it. - Unreal. Wow, there you go folks. Let's get those gardens pumping and get some decent veggies in you, eh? So that's my thought on that. It's just try some Grander. Start out small if you've got some doubts and just get some herbs going in the kitchen, etc, etc, and use a small Grander device and get some confidence going and from there you can shoot up and even all the big veggie growers around the country, if you want greater yields and you don't want your sprinklers blocking up and all that sort of stuff have a look at some Grander because you will be amazed at the difference that it makes. Good luck.

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