Grander Rod

Hello folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. I'd like to introduce you to the amazing Grander Rods.

Grander Rod Range

A Size For Every Situation

The Grander Rods come in three different sizes. The Pool Small Water Tank Tiny Rod. The Standard Water Tank Double Rod. And the Dam and Pond Large Double Rod. Check our Grander Rod product page and choose the size you want.

Grander Rod for Better Water

The Tiny Rod is designed for small water tanks, to keep them clean and stop and bugs and bacteria growth, while creating beautiful structured water. It is also used for spas and swimming pools to make chemical-free pool water.

Grander Rod for the Pool

We work with Grander Australia directly to help you create near chemical-free swimming pool experience, so you don't have to suffer the horrible chlorine, itching, scratching, and solar red eyes that come with chemical chlorination systems.

Ease of Use

The Tiny Rod is straightforward to install yourself. It's simply placed in the pools skimmer box, or hung inside a water tank.

Grander Rod Tiny

The Water Tank Double Rod is similar to the Tiny Rod, but it is designed for more extensive water tanks and tank systems.

Grander Rod Medium

The Large Double Rod is designed for larger bodies of water, like dams, ponds, and multiple tank systems. I have also interviewed Wayne from Grander Australia, where we talk about the Grander Rods in more detail. 

Grander Rod Large


They are all maintenance-free with no ongoing running costs, and they come complete with a full five year manufactures warranty.

Create the best structured water you can for your home, or you have any questions about the use and installation of a Grander Rod, please contact us now for a no-obligation, free consultation on how to create the best water you can. Thank you.

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